Gateway Program

Discover Japan and the Asia Pacific in APU's Intensive Japanese Language Program! 

The Gateway Program offers intensive Japanese language courses from beginner to intermediate level. APU’s multicultural environment not found elsewhere in Japan provides a friendly and safe environment for students even without having any background in Japanese. You will not only expand your knowledge of Japanese and Asia Pacific cultures but also deepen you intercultural understanding and cross-cultural communication skills by studying alongside students from over 80 countries and regions. 

The city of Beppu is very welcoming to international students and provides an alternative experience to one found in major cities. Students are encouraged to go out into the local community and put their new language skills to use and learn a living language.  

Program Overview:
  • Intensive beginner's to intermediate Japanese language courses (Twelve 95-minute classes per week)
  • Experienced instructors
  • Interchange with APU "Buddies"
  • Cultural activities 
  • Weekend home stay
  • Overnight field trip to Nagasaki
  • Official transcript issued
After Application
After the program