Prof. Malcom Cooper
Japanese Tourism: Spaces, Places and Structures
By Carolin Funck, Malcolm Cooper

The changing patterns of Japanese tourism and the views of the Japanese tourist since the Meiji Restoration are given in an in-depth historical, geographical and social analysis in this book. Japan has long been a major source of international tourists and an increasingly important destination now in its own right. This is one of the few books on Japanese tourism currently available to an international audience, an area of study under-represented in the literature.

Prof. Thomas Diefenbach
Hierarchy and Organisation - Toward a General Theory of Hierarchical Social Systems
By Thomas Diefenbach

Most people take the conditions they work and live in as a given and think that it is normal that most social relationships are based on the principles of superiority and inferiority, that organisations are hierarchical and that societies are stratified. Many even think that this is the way it should be - and are neither able nor willing anymore to think that it could be otherwise, even should be otherwise. This book shall at least raise the awareness of hierarchy, its complexity and longevity. It focuses only on one, but quite fundamental problem of social systems such as dyads, groups, organisations or whole societies: Why and how does hierarchical social order emerge and persist over time? In order to investigate the question, a general theory of hierarchical social systems will be developed. This is the first time such a theory is attempted. With the help of the theory developed in this book, it is possible to interrogate systematically, comprehensively and in detail how peoples’ mindsets and behaviours as well as societal and organisational structures and processes enable the emergence and continuation of hierarchy.

Assoc. Prof. Kayoko Fujita
Offshore Asia: Maritime Interactions in Eastern Asia before Steamships. Singapore: ISEAS
By Fujita Kayoko, Momoki Shiro, Anthony Reid, editors

This exemplary work of international collaboration takes an integral approach to the histories of Northeast and Southeast Asia, with contributions from scholars familiar with Japanese, Chinese and Korean academic discourse as well as that of English. The new scholarship represented by this volume demonstrates that the vast and growing maritime interactions between the countries of eastern Asia have long historical roots. The so-called "opening" to Western trade in the mid-nineteenth century was not the beginning of this process, as often assumed, but rather the return to a dynamic earlier pattern which had been interrupted by a phase of defensive state consolidation in the long eighteenth century. Asia cannot be understood without its "offshore" oceanic interactions as well as the continental ones.

福谷正信 教授


難波 正憲、鈴木 勘一郎、福谷 正信


Prof. Timothy Lee
New Minorities and Tourism
By Harald Pechlaner, Timothy J. Lee, Giulia Dal Bò (eds.)

The book (New minorities and tourism) is published as a following step of the conference I have hosted in Italy in January 2010 with Prof. Pechlaner (when I was working in Australia). Although it says a Proceeding of the conference, it is NOT a proceeding of the conference as much more papers were presented at the conference than the chapters included in the book. The chapters in the book were what have been shortlisted out of the conference. The book was published in October 2012 as shown in front.

エドガー・A. ポーター 教授
毛沢東の同志 馬海徳先生―アメリカ人医師ジョージ・ハテム
エドガー・A. ポーター (著)、Edgar A. Porter (原著)、菅田 絢子 (翻訳)、福島 有子 (翻訳)、鈴木 恭子 (翻訳)

20世紀初頭、23歳のアメリカ人医学生が混乱の上海に上陸した。毛沢東、周恩来とともに激動の時代を歩んだ、楽天的で誠実な一人の男の数奇な運 命の物語。(Amazon.co.jpの著書紹介ページより引用)

佐藤洋一郎 教授
The US-Japan Security Alliance: Regional Multilateralism
By Takashi Inoguchi, G. John Ikenberry, Yoichiro Sato

A new paperback edition of the same title, co-edited with Takashi Inoguchi (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University, President, Niigata Prefectural University) and G. John Ikenberry (Professor, Princeton University, Visiting Professor, Cambridge University) and published by Palgrave-Macmillan. A group of contributing experts collectively analyzes varying regional perceptions of the US-Japan alliance in its evolving form.

猪口 孝 (編集)、佐藤 洋一郎 (編集)、G.ジョン アイケンベリー (編集)、G.John Ikenberry (原著)


杉田欣二 教授



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