APU言語研究論叢 *Volume 4,March 2019

APU言語研究論叢 Vol.4

巻頭言 Steven Pattison(PDF)

No. Author Title Date
1 岩本 穣志 日本語教育におけるゲーミフィケーションの試み   ―教室外での目標言語使用の活性化を目指して―
Examining Gamification in Japanese Language Learning: Encouraging the Use of the Target Language Outside of the Classroom
March 15,2019
2 羅 華 初・中級中国語における「把」構文の教授法についての一提案 ―「把」構文の再分類及び導入順序を中心に―
Proposing a Method for Teaching BA Construction in Beginning and Intermediate Chinese: Focus on Reclassification and the Order of Introduction for BA Construction
March 15,2019
3 張 恵芳 “ 是不是” の日本語訳から見る中日モダリティ形式の対応関係
On the Corresponding Relationship between Modality Forms of Chinese and Japanese: A Case Study of the Japanese Translation of Chinese “SHI BU SHI”
March 15,2019
4 小島 直子 English-Medium Instruction (EMI)に求められている教育実践及び学習環境   ―日本人学生の動機づけの視点から―
Pedagogical Practices and Learning Environment Needed in EMI: From the Motivational Perspectives of Japanese Students
March 15,2019
5 BLACKWELL James A Text-based Approach to Designing Language Assessments March 15,2019
6 DIAZ Anthony Developing a Pilot Learner Corpus: New Directions in Writing Instruction March 15,2019
7 ETO Tomoko Japanese EFL Learners in Bilingual Group Discussions: A Needs Analysis March 15,2019
8 JONES Kent Minding the Gap between Japanese University Studentsʼ Expected and Actual English Use March 15,2019
9 MCMAHON Andrew The Potential of Coursebooks to Raise Learnersʼ Awareness of English as a Global Language March 15,2019


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