Working Paper Series(Web Publication)

Guidelines for Submitting a Working Paper

  • The RCAPS Working Paper is a work-in-progress which is supposed to be an input to academic works. This is not peer-reviewed. All responsibilities relating to the paper shall lie in the author.
  • The director of RCAPS is responsible for the administration of the RCAPS Working Papers.
  • Faculty members, visiting fellows and graduate students of APU may submit a working paper.
  • It is required that submitted papers be generally recognized as academic materials.
  • It is supposed that the scope of an working paper contains an aspect of the Asia-Pacific.
  • Working papers that have already been published or accepted for other publication will not be accepted and should not be submitted.
  • In principle, working papers must be written in either English or Japanese and should not exceed 10,000 words including notes in English or 24,000 characters including notes in Japanese. The APA style is recommended unless there are special reasons not to use it.
  • It is recommended a working paper be accompanied by an abstract of approximately 200 words in English/500 characters in Japanese.
  • Authors' names, affiliations and e-mail addresses should appear on the first page of the paper.
  • In the case of English papers, foreign (i.e. non-English) text should be italicized. Either American or British spelling is accepted but spelling practice should be consistent throughout the article.
  • References should be indicated in the endnotes.
  • Working papers are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please submit in Microsoft Word format via e-mail to:
  • Note that prior to publication, articles will be reviewed to ensure that all standards are met. Although papers are works in progress and will be evaluated as such, authors may be asked to edit their work in order to ensure quality control.
  • Each paper published within the Working Paper Series stipulates that comments on the paper should be directed to the author(s); that the Copyright is held by the author(s); and that no part of the paper may be republished, reprinted, or reproduced without the permission of the author(s).
  • It is understood that as a work in progress, a modified version of the Working Paper might be published elsewhere at a later stage. Such publication should acknowledge this earlier version.
  • RCAPS Working Papers are posted on the RCAPS Website and are available in pdf format.

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