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The Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) tagline "Shape your world" was established in July 2008. The tagline "Shape your world" expresses the form of APU - a campus with students hailing from over 87 countries and regions* creating a new self and a new world through their daily study at this multicultural and multilingual campus.
*as of Nov 1, 2008

Reasons behind its creation
spaceAPU is working towards education development with international applicability in areas such as "internationally-viable education" and "global learning campus." The tagline was created to brand the image of "the form of APU" and "students growing through their studies at APU then soaring into the world" and to communicate it to people on and off campus clearly and precisely.

Meaning and Concept
space"Shape" includes a nuance of "Creation" which is often used in the APU Opening Declaration. The word "world" is to make an association with the "Multicultural / Multilingual environment" and "International Education / Research Field" which APU possesses and at the same time, express everyone's different world (everyone's field of activity, point of view, ideas and environment). Furthermore, the word "your" expresses the focus on oneself as the main character.
spaceIt was decided to set the tagline as "Shape your world" because it is a phrase especially suitable to express the image of students full of expectations starting something new at APU or making the most of APU to create something new, then aiming to step up through working hard in their study and extracurricular activities. The tagline was also chosen as it is a phrase which can express the image of learning and developing at APU, and an image of holding dreams about after graduation with oneself as the main character.
spaceIn addition, the "College of Asia Pacific Management" will make a new start as the "College of International Management" in April, 2009. Please expect further new development and progress of our "College of Asia Pacific Management", soon to be named "College of International Management."