Book Reviews

Book Reviews

 Volume 6 Number 1, Spring 2015 pp. 90-101
 Book Review


Wolfram Manzenreiter, Sport and Body Politics in Japan

Reviewed by Paul Christensen

Jin Sato and Yasutami Shimomura, eds., The Rise of Asian Donors: Japan’s Impact on the Evolution of Emerging Donors

Reviewed by Jonathan R. Strand


Weiguang Huang and Jun Wang, eds., Chinese Low-Carbon City Construction Report

Reviewed by Zou, Xiaolong


David Armitage and Alison Bashford, eds., Pacific Histories: Ocean, Land, People

Reviewed by Viktor M. Stoll

Chuck Thiessen, Local Ownership of Peacebuilding in Afghanistan: Shouldering Responsibility for Sustainable Peace and Development

Reviewed by Sayed Nasrat

Karen T. Litfin, Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community

Jonardon Ganeri, Identity as Reasoned Choice: A South Asian Perspective on The Reach and Resources of Public and Practical Reason in Shaping Individual Identities

Reviewed by Zou, Xiaolong
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