Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Volume 3 Number 2, Autumn 2012 pp. 126-146(21)
Book Review
Linking an Asian Transregional Commerce in Tea: Overseas Chinese Merchants in the Fujian-Singapore Trade, 1920–1960, reviewed by Wei-Bin Zhang
Social Theory in Contemporary Asia, reviewed by Yves Laberge

East Asia
Remaking Global Order: The Evolution of Europe–China Relations and its Implications for East Asia and the United States, reviewed by Seifudein Adem
Pizza and Pizza Chefs in Japan: A Case of Culinary Globalization, reviewed by Carol Helstosky

Southeast Asia
Politics after Suharto, book review article by Ehito Kimura
Bangkok, May 2010: Perspectives on a Divided Thailand, reviewed by Shane Strate

South Pacific
Sin, Sex and Stigma: A Pacific Response to HIV and AIDS, reviewed by Saifur Rahman
Intervention and State-Building in the Pacific: The Legitimacy of 'Co-Operative Intervention', reviewed by Scott Flower "
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