Research Interests

Information Technology (2004~): Ethical Issues in Cyberspace, Machine translation, Glossary of IT terms, book

Computer Aided Instruction (2005): program in Web-server, Kanji learning program in VB
(for Japanese O/S: Hiragana/romaji program, other), Article 1 , Article 2

Tower of Hanoi Problem (2000): Visual Basic program for t(300,n), simplest illustration t(4,3)

Smarandache-Kempner Function (2010~): Smarandache Pierced Chain Sequence, Palindromes

Communication Networks Protocol (2007): for Robotic Arm in Nuclear Power Plants , Industrial FMS

Borobudur World Heritage and Treasures (2006): Digital Preservation of Borobudur , Borobudur & Prambanan Temples, Unesco Seminar

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