Thesis & Research Report, AY 2023 Spring Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

GSAM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2023.9 *DYLIAEVA KARINA Challenges to Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities in Higher Education: A Case Study of an International University in Japan
2 2023.9 ROMANO JILLIANO ANGELO HILAY The Death and Rebirth of Superheroes in the Age of Capitalist Realism
3 2023.9 IRVAN NASHER ALIMI China’s Assertive Behavior in the South China Sea: A Study on the Reactions of Indonesia and the Philippines
4 2023.9 KOBAYASHI YUMI Bridging the Gap and Addressing Insecurity: Demilitarizing Security Through Community Visions
5 2023.9 *BAUMGAERTNER LEA Blue is for Boys; Pink is for Girls: An Analysis of Gender Representation in the Japanese Reality Show Hajimete No Otsukai [Old Enough!]
6 2023.9 HOEST-MADSEN LINE HORSTED Expanding the Meaning of Being a Fan: how the Change of the Concept of Seichi has Influenced a “New” Interpretation of Fan
7 2023.9 TRAN THI HUYEN Japanese-style Management in Vietnam: A case study of Daikin Japan and Daikin Vietnam
8 2023.9 *MASO ROSELYN Australia's Response to the Rise of China in the Pacific Region: An Analysis from the Economic Statecraft Perspective
9 2023.9 BUI NGOC HAN Exploring the Relationship between Local Communities and National Parks in Tourism Cooperation: A Case Study in Tram Chim, Vietnam.
10 2023.9 MISSOI SHARLEEN JEROTICH A Capabilities Approach to Assessing the Social Impacts of Rural Electrification on Rural Households: A Case Study of Jepkoyai Ward in Vihiga County, West Kenya.
11 2023.9 MAHMADULLOZODA BAKHTOVAR The Role of Higher Education Enrolment on Economic Growth in Tajikistan
12 2023.9 TOLIBI TAKHMINA The Development of Tajikistan's Securities Market
13 2023.9 *PHAM THI BAO NGOC A Political Economy Approach to Tourism Governance in Vietnam
14 2023.9 *KELVIANTO SHENYOPUTRO Can ‘Leave no Trace’ Provide a New Sustainability Paradigm on Solid Waste Management in Mountainous Protected Areas? A Case Study of Mount Fuji
15 2023.9 KABULOV KHURSHIDBEK Factors Hindering the Development of Hotel Industry in Uzbekistan
16 2023.9 NGUYEN THI HANG Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Community Development in Vietnam: A Case Study of Dak Lak Province.
17 2023.9 AHMED FAHAD Study of the Impacts of the Financial Action Task Force Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of the Financing of Terrorism Regime on Central Directorate of National Savings and Possible Solutions
18 2023.9 FUKOFUKA MANU MAVAE T. H. F. Community Engagement in Disaster Recovery A comparison of Tropical Cyclone Gita (2018) and Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai Disaster (2022) in Tonga
19 2023.9 *VAEVAINA FAAFETAI An Assessment of Human Resource Management Strategies Applied by the Public Sector in Samoa During Covid-19.
20 2023.9 KAULOTUKIYACATA JOSAIA Innovative and Sustainable Agriculture for Rural Communities in Small Island Developing Countries: The Case Study of Fijian Farmers
21 2023.9 AREDA ASHENAFI FEYISSA The Implementation of Ethiopia’s Agriculture Policy Towards Ensuring Women’s Economic Empowerment: A Review of the Growth and Transformation Plan
22 2023.9 KARINA ADIKUSUMANINGTYAS DODOT A Comparative Study of Introduction and Maintenance of Successful and Failed Biogas Digester Project: Case Studies in Four Villages in Indonesia
23 2023.9 RATANAPRADIT PITCHA How Early is Early Enough for Starting Public Consultation Processes: A Case Study of Perceptions of Citizens and Contractors in MRT Blue Line Construction Project in Thailand
24 2023.9 VU THI PHUONG Japanese ODA to Vietnam Agriculture: A Case Study of the Mekong Delta from a Climate Change Perspective
25 2023.9 NAJMUTDINOV KHURSHED Tajikistan's Textile Sector in the Global Value Chain: An Analysis of Upgrading and Technological Capabilities
26 2023.9 RAUMAE DORIS Building Partnership for Rural Development Through Tourism, Case Study Tani, Oita Prefecture, Japan
27 2023.9 EMAD ALI SULEIMAN ALHELALAT The Study of Visitors Satisfaction and Service Quality in Petra Archeological Park
28 2023.9 LI ZHE Effects of Tax Incentives on Innovation Performance of Advanced Manufacturing Industry in China

GSAM: Research Report

No Name Theme
1 2023.9 HIETANEN Tuuli Maria Gabriela Influence of Language in the Identity Formation of Japanese Bi-Ethnic Individuals
2 2023.9 BINDERUP KATRINE MYGIND Japanese Elders’ Attitudes Towards Geriatric Companion Robots: An Exploratory Study
3 2023.9 WONGPUDPAD SAMITA Exploring the Portrayal of Independent Women in Contemporary Thai Drama Only You I Need: An Analysis of Gender Roles
4 2023.9 BOUPHA SAMAYCHITH The Impact of External Public Debt on Economic Growth in Lao People's Democratic Republic
5 2023.9 BRUMAT ANDREA Assessing the Effectiveness of Measures to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Southern Europe and Southeast Asia
6 2023.9 MONTHY ADRIAN FRANCOIS G. Assessing Country Ownership in Technical Assistance Projects: The Case of Seychelles
7 2023.9 MALEFANE MAPHILIMONE ROSEMARY The Attitudes of the Local Residents towards Sustainable Tourism Development in the Rural Areas of Lesotho : A Case Study of 'Moteng
8 2023.9 WILLIAMS JOVI JOANNA The Potential of Nearshore Outsourcing as a Gateway for Employment and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Comparative Case Study of Jamaica and Costa Rica.
10 2023.9 OMER QASIM Institutionalization of Pakistan’s Gender-Responsive Budgeting Initiative for Gender Mainstreaming: The Case of Public Education Sector
11 2023.9 DE ARAUJO MENDONCA IMMANUEL An Evaluation of Governmental Support to Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises in Timor-Leste
12 2023.9 SRIJANWONG SIRINUCH Integrated Environmental Management and Stakeholders: Case Study of Bang Pu Nature Education Center, Thailand
13 2023.9 AMADOR RUIZ VELASCO JORGE Potential Economic Value Japan can Obtain by Implementing an End-of-Life Photovoltaic Management Scheme
14 2023.9 GREGORIUS JACOB DWIPRAKOSO What Factors Contribute to the Increase in Waste Reduction Rate and Recycling Rate of Municipal Waste? A Case Study of Kitakyushu City, Japan
15 2023.9 GUO WEIXIN The Relationship between Public Policy and the Enterprise Economy in China
16 2023.9 LIU QIAN A Comparative Study of Community-Based Elderly Care Models between Japan and China
17 2023.9 CAI QINGHONG Recovery of Domestic Tourism through National and Local Tourism Policies from 2020 to 2023: The Case of Guangdong Province, China

GSMM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2023.9 MDAKANE SIBUSISO JAPHTA The Link Between ESG and Innovation
3 2023.9 MARDHANA KSATRYA SUBAGJA The Impact of Workplace Inclusion on International Student Part-Time Workers
4 2023.9 DISSANAYAKE KUDAGELAGE A. K. Effects of the Performance of Stock Markets and Banks on Economic Growth in Asia
5 2023.9 KAMARA MORRIS S Drivers and Barriers in Village Savings and Loans Associations: A Cross-Sectional Study in Rural Liberia
6 2023.9 RHETFANE SALMA The Impact of ESG disclosures on corporate financial performance: A quantitative study in the automotive industry from nine countries
7 2023.9 ISLAM G M AMINUL Factors Affecting Consumer Trust in the E-commerce Sector of Bangladesh
8 2023.9 *CISSE FATOU The Impact of Environmental Disclosure on Cost of Capital? Evidence from American Listed Food and Beverage Industries.
9 2023.9 KHUN VATEYSREYLEAK Staff retention in the public and private education sector in Cambodia: A study of HRD education providers
10 2023.9 KOHEL THEO ALFREDO JOSE Ecopsychology and Innovation Inertia in Traditional Industries: The Case of Beekeepers in Peru

GSMM: Independent Final Report

No Name Theme
1 2023.9 SHAUKAT MAHNOOR Achieving Customer Centricity with new services in an existing market: A study of a selected number of salons in Pakistan.
2 2023.9 ULLAH MUHAMMAD SEFAET The Strategies That the Companies in the Bangladesh RMG Sector Adopted to Deal with the Pandemic: A case Study of Centro Tex Ltd.
3 2023.9 MANIK MOHAMMAD ARIFUZZAMAN Does Dividend Affect the Share Price? (A Study on the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries of Dhaka Stock Exchange)
4 2023.9 VU TAT DAT Study on Japan’s Potential as A Countertop Market
5 2023.9 RHAMBU DORIGA HIEMUTE Towards Digitalization: Assessing the Efficiency of Non-Tax Revenue Collection System in Developing Economies: The Case of Papua New Guinea