2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

86Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum Outline: APMAY 2017 Curriculum Outline: APM100 (1st Year)Common Education SubjectsLanguageEnglishElementary English A 4Standard TrackElementary English B 2Pre-Intermediate English A 4Pre-Intermediate English B2EnglishAdvanced English 1A4Advanced TrackAdvanced English 1B2Advanced English 2A4Advanced English 2B2JapaneseJapanese Foundation CourseⅠ 4Japanese Foundation CourseⅡ 4Japanese Foundation CourseⅢ 4Japanese Intermediate Course4AP LanguageChineseⅠ4ThaiⅠ4KoreanⅠ4VietnameseⅠ4Malay / Indonesian Ⅰ4SpanishⅠ4Specc SubjectIntensive Language Learning Overseas2Special Lecture (Language Education Subject)2Introduction to Asia Pacic Languages2Common Liberal ArtsAPU literacyStudy Skills and Academic Writing2Intercultural Fieldwork Ⅰ2Peer Leader Training Ⅰ2Multicultural Cooperative Workshop2Intercultural Fieldwork Ⅱ2Overseas Learning Design2Peace, Humanity and Democracy2Studies of Multicultural Comparison2APM Bridge Program2Introduction to Intercultural Communication2Introduction to Peer Leader Training2"Global Citizens" FoundationAsia Pacic GroupLanguages of the Asia Pacic2Geography of the Asia Pacic2History of the Asia Pacic2Religions of the Asia Pacic2Culture and Society of the Asia Pacic2Economy of the Asia Pacic2Japanese StudiesGroupJapanese Geography2Japanese History2Constitution of Japan2Japanese Culture and Society2Japanese Economy2Special Lecture (Japanese Studies)2Basic Study GroupLegal Studies2Psychology2Bioethics2Introduction toMajor StudiesGroupIntroduction to Culture and Society2Introduction to Political Science2Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality2Introduction to Media Studies2Introduction to Development Studies2Introduction to Economics ★2Introduction to International Relations2Introduction to Environmental Studies2Response tosocial needsBasic skillsStatistics ★2Logical Thinking and Framework2Special Lecture (Liberal Arts Subject)2Negotiation Skills2Career DesignⅠ2ICTIntroduction to the Internet2Programming2Computer Literacy2APM Major Education SubjectsRequired Subjects (*1)Introduction to Management ★2Introduction to Marketing ★2Fundamental Mathematics ☆2Accounting Ⅰ ★2Accounting & Finance (AF)     Marketing (M)   Strategic Management &Organization (SMO)Innovation & Economics (IE)APM Common (*1)Seminar (*2)The courses shown in this list may not be held every semester.Please check the syllabus or the course timetable for details on which courses will be offered.

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