2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

85Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum Outline: APS200 (2nd Year)300 (3rd Year)400(4th Year)Intermediate English A4English for Business Writing2English for Journalism2Intermediate English B2English for Business Presentations2Upper Intermediate English A4English for Discussion and Debate2Upper Intermediate English B2English Project 12English for Business 12English of the Media2English Project 22English for Business 22Extensive Reading in English2Pre-Advanced Japanese4Japanese Project D2Career Japanese4Advanced Japanese4Japanese Project E2Business Communication in Japanese A2Japanese Project A2Japanese Project F2Business Communication in Japanese B2Japanese Project B2Japanese for Lectures2Japanese Project C2Language and Culture in Japan2Language and Social Topics in Japan2Chinese Ⅱ・Ⅲ4・4Thai Ⅱ・Ⅲ4・4Chinese Ⅳ4Thai Ⅳ2Korean Ⅱ・Ⅲ4・4Vietnamese Ⅱ・Ⅲ4・4Korean Ⅳ4Vietnamese Ⅳ2Malay / Indonesian Ⅱ・Ⅲ4・4Malay / Indonesian Ⅳ2Spanish Ⅱ・Ⅲ4・4Spanish Ⅳ2Japanese Linguistics for Japanese Language Education2TESOL2Japanese Language Teaching2English Prociency Test Preparation CourseⅠ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ 2・2・2Introduction to Ocial Languages of the United Nations Ⅰ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ 2・2・2Peer Leader Training Ⅱ A2Peer Leader Training Ⅱ B2Japanese Art of Tea Ceremony2Traditional Japanese Arts2Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement2Environmental Science2Health Science2Media Production Lab2Internship2Career Design Ⅲ2Volunteer Activities2Career Design Ⅱ2Career Design Ⅳ2Data Mining2Internet Technology Integration2Database Systems2Introduction to GIS2Special Lecture(ICT)2Biodiversity2Development Sociology and Anthropology2Industrial Ecology2Development Economics2Global Environmental Issues2International Cooperation2Environmental Modeling and Analysis2Community Development2Environment and Society2Politics of Development2GIS and Remote Sensing2Project Management in Development2Urban Environment and Development2Conict and Development2Resource Management2International Economics2Ecotourism2Field Study for Environment and Development2Environmental Communication2International Organizations2Community Based Tourism2Environmental Economics2NPO / NGO Studies2Preliminary Seminar for Environment and Development2Environmental Policy2Special Lecture in Environment and Development2Development Policy2Sociology of Tourism2Community Based Tourism2Tourism Economics2Tourism Development and Planning2Travel Industry2Hospitality Marketing2MICE Tourism Industry2Resort Development2Heritage Tourism2Hospitality Management2Agri-heritage and Tourism2Project Management in Development2Culture and History of Tourism2Event and Festival Management 2Tourism and Hospitality Law2Operations Research2Ecotourism2Field Study for Tourism and Hospitality2Health and Wellness Tourism2Advanced Organizational Behavior2Cultural Anthropology2Tourism and Social Media2Advanced Human Resource Management2Preliminary Seminar for Tourism and Hospitality2Destination Marketing and Management2Special Lecture in Tourism and Hospitality2International Relations Theory2International Law2International Relations in the Asia Pacic2Geo-Politics and Post Cold War Conicts2International Cooperation2Global Issues and Policies2International Organizations2Global Media and Conict2Human Rights2Conict and Development2Development Policy2Violence and Terrorism2Political Theory2Peace Studies2Regional Systems in the Asia Pacic2Globalization and Law2Politics of Development2Globalization and Regionalism2International Political Economy2International Conict Resolution2Comparative Political Economy of the Asia Pacic2Field Study for International Relations and Peace Studies2Identity and Politics2History of Japanese Foreign Relations2History of International Politics2Media and Politics2Foreign Policy of Japan2Preliminary Seminar for International Relations and Peace Studies2Ethnicity and the Nation State2Strategic Decision Making2Special Lecture in International Relations and Peace Studies2Social Theory2Cultural Studies2Multiculturalism and Society2Gender Studies2Social Psychology2Media and Culture2Sociology of Organizations2Religion and Belief2Social Stratication2Media and Law2Education and Society2Identity and Politics2Transnational Sociology2New Media and Society2Ethnicity and the Nation State2Globalization and Law2Cultural Anthropology2The Humanities and Modernity2Media and History2History of Japanese Foreign Relations2Global History2Language and Society2Media and Politics2NPO / NGO Studies2Globalization and Regionalism2Field Study for Culture, Society and Media2Global Media and Conict2Special Lecture in Culture, Society and Media2Preliminary Seminar for Culture, Society and Media2Special Lecture (Asia Pacic Studies)2APS Field Study2Area Studies2Field Research Project2Introduction to Research Methods2Major Seminar Ⅰ2Major Seminar Ⅱ2Graduation Research Ⅰ2Graduation Research Ⅱ4●Required Subjects for each Area of Study (See p.41)*1 Credits earned from subjects designated as "Core Subjects" and "APS Common A" will not be counted towards any of the Areas of Study. *2 Credits earned from subjects designated as "APS Common B" and "Seminar Subjects" will be counted towards all Areas of Study.

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