2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

81Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum Language Education SubjectsExemptions for Language Education SubjectsStudents may apply for exemption from the language education subjects only if they meet certain criteria and pass the inteview which will be conducted after the application.For more infometion on application requirements and schedules, please visit the Academic Ofce website.●English Language Subject Exemption CriteriaEnglish Standard Track●Japanese Language Subject Exemption CriteriaEnglish Advanced TrackSubject Name (Number of credits)TOEFL iBT® TestIELTSGSETOEIC®TestsElementary English A (4)Elementary English B (2)374.535L125 / R130 / S92 / W74Pre-Intermediate English A (4)Pre-Intermediate English B (2)485.039L230 / R230 / S110 / W106Intermediate English A (4)Intermediate English B (2)555.544L285 / R285 / S122 / W122Upper-Intermediate English A (4)Upper-Intermediate English B (2)616.050L330 / R325S138 / W134 Subject Name (Number of credits)TOEFL iBT® TestIELTSGSETOEIC®TestsAdvanced English 1A (4)Advanced English 1B (2)706.558L410 / R395S164 / W156 Advanced English 2A (4)Advanced English 2B (2)807.065L430 / R410S174 / W168 Subject NameExemption CriteriaJapanese Foundation ⅠJLPT Level 4 (Old) or JLPT N5 (New)Japanese Foundation ⅡJLPT Level 4 (Old) or JLPT N5 (New)Japanese Foundation ⅢJLPT Level 3 (Old) or JLPT N4 (New)Japanese IntermediateEJU, Japanese 200 points or above or JLPT N3 (New) or abovePre-Advanced JapaneseEJU, Japanese 220 points or above or JLPT N3 (New) or aboveAdvanced JapaneseEJU, Japanese 240 points or above or JLPT N2 (New) or above●Application Schedule Please visit the Academic Ofce website for further details.

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