2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

79Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculumJapanese Language SubjectsFor English-basis students, the starting level of required Japanese language subjects will be based on the results of the placement test taken at the time of enrollment. For further details, please visit the Academic Ofce website.Subject Name (credits) Required / ElectiveRegistrationJapanese Foundation Course Ⅰ(4)・Ⅱ(4)・Ⅲ (4)RequiredRegisteredby University↓ Pass or ExemptedJapanese Intermediate Course (4) RequiredRegisteredby University↓ Pass or Exempted↓ Pass or ExemptedPre-Advanced Japanese (4)Language for Specic PurposesElective Registeredbystudent↓ Pass or ExemptedAdvanced Japanese (4)↓ Pass or ExemptedLanguage for Specic PurposesCareer Japanese (4)Japanese Project D (2)Business Communicationin Japanese A (2)Japanese Project E (2)Business Communicationin Japanese B (2)Japanese Project F (2)Language and Culturein Japan (2)Japanese for Lectures (2)Language and Social Topicsin Japan (2)Japanese Intermediate Course completed and Pre-Advanced Japanese incompleteJapanese Project C (2)Japanese Intermediate Course completed and Advanced Japanese incompleteJapanese Project A (2)Japanese Project B (2)■ AY 2017 Curriculum Language Education SubjectsLanguage for Specic PurposesThis group of subjects is offered to students who have completed the required Japanese language subjects and wish to develop their language ability further. As each course has its own prerequisites and recommended language level, please refer to the syllabus for details. * Available from 5th semester.Subject Prerequisite Subjects Precondition fortaking the subjectTarget Students JapaneseProject CJapanese Intermediate CourseJapanese Intermediate Course completed and Pre-Advanced Japanese IncompleteEnglish-basis students (students whose native language is not Japanese)Japanese Project A, BJapanese Intermediate Course completed and Advanced Japanese IncompleteJapanese Project D, E, FAdvancedJapaneseCompleted AdvancedJapanese, with a score ofapprox. 240 points on the EJUInternational Students, English-basis Domestic Students (students whose native language is not Japanese)Japanese for LecturesLanguage and Culture in JapanLanguage and Social Topics in JapanCareer Japanese (*)Business Communication in Japanese ABusiness Communication in Japanese B"Japanese Language"page

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