2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

74Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum Language Education Subjects2.2.11AY 2017 Curriculum Language Education SubjectsLanguage StudyStudents are required to take subjects in their non-basis language (Japanese-basis students: English; English-basis students: Japanese). The required number of credits depends on a student's curriculum. Please refer to the section appropriate for your curriculum.The different language subjects offered at APU vary in degrees of difculty. Prerequisite knowledge (level at entry) and course objectives (level at exit) are established for every course. The level of the non-basis language course that students start at will be determined by the placement test taken at the time of enrollment.English Language SubjectsFor Japanese-basis students, the appropriate curriculum and starting level of required English language subjects will be based on the results of the placement test taken at the time of enrollment. The curriculum types include the English Standard Track (24 credits) and the English Advanced Track (12 credits). Note that once curriculum types are set, no changes can be made.Course Registration● Required English language subjects are divided into A (4 credit) and B (2 credit) subjects, each graded according to its own evaluation criteria. Only once credits for both subjects have been completed can a student proceed to the next level.● Until all required English language subjects for the language track are completed, the University will continue to automatically register and assign students to classes. When retaking the same course, a student will not necessarily be registered for the same instructor or class, and this registration may not be changed or cancelled.● The grade evaluation for each required English language subjects will include the scores from the Benchmark Test held at APU. For more details, refer to the syllabus of the respective subject.● The grade level restriction will not apply if a student meets the other requirements to enroll in a language education subject (English)."English Language" page

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