2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

59Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum (APM)SubjectDescriptionRegistrationRegistration Semester (*1)Finance(APM Major)Finance is a branch of studies concerned with 'money,' 'investment,' and 'funding,' which are the central concerns for households, individual & institutional investors, rms, and policy makers. The Finance course provides students a chance to understand the fundamental role of 'money' and 'nance' as well as the functions of nancial institutions such as commercial banks and investment banks (securities / stock brokerage rms). Understanding the basic knowledge in 'nance' is a pre-requisite for undertaking further courses in the module of nance, and is invaluable for building a foundation for being engaged in business management in the future.Registered by the University3rd semesterManagement of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior(APM Major)Why do some organizations succeed while others fail? Why do some people love their jobs while others work miserably or quit? The course offers theories and applications of basic principles in understanding behavior and managing people in an organizational context.Registered by the University3rd semesterProduction Management(APM Major)Production Management is the systematic direction and control of the production process. It involves planning, monitoring, and control of inputs, facilities, costs, scheduling, inventory, quality, and technology. This subject will provide basic concepts, theories, and issues in production management.Registered by the University3rd semesterLegal Strategy in Business(APM Major)The legal environment plays a crucial role in determining the strategy and success of any business. It is imperative for students to understand the legal issues and risks in business decision making. This subject will discuss strategy in the context of several legal situations through the use of cases and will introduce the relevance of law to business operations, role of contracts in business, employment obligations, and social environment with emphasis on business ethics in a global setting.Registered by the University3rd semesterBusiness Ethics(APM Major)What are businesses for? What is their role in society? Is anything wrong with contemporary business practices? Such questions are of obvious practical importance to managers wanting to operate successfully in a world of increased political and ethical complexity. This subject is going to help students to nd answers to these questions. In doing so, it will enable students to incorporate ethics into business decision making and develop their sense of responsibility.Registered by the University5th semesterGlobal Management (Capstone)(APM Major)Global Management (Capstone) is the capstone course at APM that brings together students from all specializations and national backgrounds in an interactive and collaborative fashion. Using case studies, students are able to look at real world examples and situations, exchange their points of view based on their prior classwork and experiences, and come up with potential solutions to problems. The capstone course reviews all essential business knowledge and skills needed to work collaboratively and look critically at issues that have the potential to impact any business.Registered by the University7th semester*1 Students will automatically be registered for subjects during the registration period shown in, "Registration semester." If students are unable to successfully earn credits during that period, APU will continue to register them each semester until they successfully earn the required credits. APM students can apply to take these subjects in the language opposite from their enrollment basis language. The application has to be submitted before the semester starts through the ofcial web form specied by the Academic Ofce. Please also note that the registration semester for transfer students from outside of APU or students who transfer from APS to APM may differ from these shown above.

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