2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

58Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum (APM)2.2.9Required Subjects (APM)APM has established the following 11 required subjects: "Introduction to Management," "Statistics," "Introduction to Economics," "Accounting Ⅰ," "Introduction to Marketing," "Finance," "Management of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior," "Production Management," "Legal Strategy in Business," "Business Ethics," and "Global Management (Capstone)" (Total number of required credits: 22). "Global Management (Capstone)" serves as the culmination of four years of study in APM. It is designed to enhance the understanding of certain topics through deep learning and debate and to improve systematic comprehension in all four Areas of Study.APM students are also required to complete either "Fundamental Mathematics" or "Advanced Mathematics," which are offered as Required Subjects (Mathematics).Please note that two of the criteria for graduating from APM are:⃝To successfully complete all Required Subjects. (This corresponds to requirement No.6 in section 2.2.8)⃝To successfully complete at least 2 credits from Required Subjects (Mathematics) (This corresponds to requirement No.7 in section 2.2.8)Required SubjectsSubjectDescriptionRegistrationRegistration Semester (*1)Introduction to Management(APM Major)Introduction to Management gives students a general understanding of contemporary corporations and how they are managed. In particular, students will understand the big picture of management culture, and gain the fundamental business knowledge needed for their other major subjects. This subject is the basis of all other studies within APM.Registered by the University1st semesterStatistics(Common Liberal Arts)Statistics is the study of analyzing and interpreting data for nding the characteristics or trends in the data. Statistics provides tools to draw inferences on a wide range of issues through the use of mathematical methods. This subject will provide an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics.Registered by StudentIntroduction to Economics(Common Liberal Arts)Economics provides a useful view on people’s economic behavior, the mechanism of the economy, and economic policy. This subject helps students to gain fundamental ideas and acquire basic analytical abilities in economics to analyze various economic issues and policies.Registered by the University2nd semester(*2)Accounting Ⅰ(APM Major)Accounting is sometimes called "The language of Business" and this course is an introduction to the basic concepts and standards underlying nancial accounting systems. Several important concepts will be studied, including assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expense, while emphasizing the construction of the Financial Statements as well as their interpretation.Registered by the University2nd semester(*2)Introduction to Marketing(APM Major)Marketing is an integral part of today’s business world. This course aims to develop your basic knowledge of marketing. We explore core concepts and tools to help students better understand customers in order to deliver goods and services to satisfy their desires.Registered by the University2nd semester(*2)

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