2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

40Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum (APS)2.2.4Core Subjects and Required Subjects for each Area of Study (APS)Social science is considered to be made up of two aspects, (1) society as the subject of research and (2) the approaches for examining society and theoretical frameworks underlying those approaches. In line with this, the subject of research in APS is the Asia Pacic region, and the four Areas of Study comprise the approaches and theoretical frameworks for observing the Asia Pacic region. As learning these two aspects forms the basis of APS, the following two subjects have been established for this reason: "Introduction to APS" and "Introduction to Area Studies." In "Introduction to APS," students learn the approaches and theoretical frameworks of each Area of Study to gain an understanding of what will be like to pursue major studies in the Areas of Study. In "Introduction to Area Studies," students learn the methods for learning about the Asia Pacic region - that is, the subject of research in APS. By taking these two subjects, students can learn the ideals and objectives of APS. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to complete these two subjects.As the table below shows, "Introduction to APS" is automatically registered by the University, but students need to register "Introduction to Area Studies" by themselves if they want to take it.Core Subjects ("Introduction to APS" and "Introduction to Area Studies")Core SubjectsSubject(Subject Field)DescriptionRegistrationRegistration Period Set by APUIntroduction to APS(APS Major)In this subject, new students learn the information they need to study in the College of Asia Pacic Studies. Structured as a lecture series, faculty from the four Areas of Study take turns providing students with insight into three topics: (1) What is a university and what should I do there?, (2) What kind of college is the College of Asia Pacic Studies, what can I study there, and what is ‘Asia Pacic Studies’?, and (3) What can I study and research in the four different areas? By taking this course, students will have an opportunity to think about what they want to study over the next four years, and they will gain a clearer idea of their end goal. Registered by the UniversityJapanese-basis students:Spring semester(1st year)English-basisstudents:1st semesterIntroduction to Area Studies(APS Major)In this subject, students will learn the fundamentals they need to understand the Asia Pacic region. The aim is to provide them with insights from multiple angles into the uniqueness and diversity of the Asia Pacic region. At the same time, they will tackle the question of ‘What is area studies as it pertains to the Asia Pacic region?’ and take a wide-angle view of the objectives of the eld. By providing students with the basic knowledge and theories they need to understand the Asia Pacic region, this subject serves as the rst step to broader and deeper learning about the region.Registered by Student

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