2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

38Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum (APS)2.2.2Graduation Requirements Code (APS: AY2017 Curriculum)2.2.3Graduation Requirements (APS: AY2017 Curriculum)CollegeCollege of Asia Pacic Studies (APS)Enrollment Basis LanguageJapanese-basis (J)English-basis (E)Track of English Course*Standard Track (ST)Advanced Track (AT)GraduationRequirementsCodeAPS17JST(APS AY 2017 CurriculumJapanese-basis Standard Track)APS17JAT(APS AY 2017 CurriculumJapanese-basis Advanced Track)APS17E(APS AY 2017 CurriculumEnglish-basis)You can conrm your "Graduation Requirements Code" using the following chart.In order to graduate from the College of Asia Pacic Studies (APS), students must complete all designated requirements for their curriculum as shown in the following table. Please make sure to refer to the information specied in the "Details" column.* For Japanese-basis students, the appropriate curriculum and starting level of English language courses will be based on the results of the placement test taken at the time of enrollment. (Regarding the graduation requirements for transfer students, please contact the Academic Ofce.)No.RequirementDetailsCollege of Asia Pacic Studies (APS)APS17JSTAPS17JATAPS17E1Enroll for at least four yearsp.20○○○2Complete at least 124 credits total○○○3Complete required language subjects(or be exempted from required language subjects)p.74○○○4Fulll the credit requirements for each subject eld*1○○○5Complete at least 20 credits of subjects held in English(This requirement applies only to Japanese-basis domestic students.)*2○○-6Choose and register an Area of Studyp.37○○○7Complete at least 2 credits from the required subjects which you registered for your Area of Study (Common Liberal Arts Subjects)p.41○○○8Complete at least 28 credits from the Major Education Subjects for your registered Area of Study*3○○○Track of English CourseStarting levelStandard Trackany of "Elementary English A・B" - "Upper Intermediate English A・B"Advanced Trackany of "Advanced English 1A・1B" or "Advanced English 2A・2B," or students who are exempted from all required English language subjects

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