2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

37Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum (APS)2.2 AY 2017 Curriculum2.2.1College of Asia Pacic Studies (APS)This curriculum applies to the following students. ⃝Students who enrolled in the College of Asia Pacic Studies (APS) as new (1st year) students in AY 2017 or later.⃝Students who enrolled in the College of Asia Pacic Studies (APS) as 2nd year transfer students in AY 2018 or later.⃝Students who enrolled in the College of Asia Pacic Studies (APS) as 3rd year transfer students in AY 2019 or later.DegreeThose who have fullled the graduation requirements will be awarded a bachelor's degree upon graduation.Areas of StudyThe College of Asia Pacic Studies has established four Areas of Study in order to conduct education and research for the development of wide-ranging problem solving ability and specialized know-how of the issues facing the Asia Pacic region. Studies are centered on solid language prociency and a basic understanding of the diverse cultures, histories, societies, natural environments, and historical conditions of the Asia Pacic region.As a part of the graduation requirements, (1) students must choose and register one Area of Study from the following Areas of Study and then (2) complete at least 2 credits from the required subjects (Common Liberal Arts Subjects) for the Area of Study of their choice and (3) 28 credits from the Major Education Subjects for the Area of Study. The name of that Area of Study will be noted on their diploma. Please note that students need to register for their Area of Study via Campusmate. Students can choose any one of the four Areas of Study. For more details regarding the registration procedure for an Area of Study, please refer to the Academic Ofce website. Degree TitleBachelor of Social ScienceAreas of Study (APS)環かんきょう境・開かいはつ発Environment and Development観かんこうがく光学Hospitality and Tourism国こくさいかんけい際関係International Relations and Peace Studies文ぶんか化・社しゃかい会・メディアCulture, Society and MediaEligible SemestersOnly from 2nd Semester to 6th SemesterRegistration PeriodsDuring Course Registration Period A, B, Correction Period 1, 2*Once an Area of Study has been registered it can be changed an unlimited number of times within the registration period.*Some of the programs listed in section 7, "Other Information and Programs" require applicants to have registered for an Area of Study as an eligibility requirement. As such, we strongly recommend students register their Area of Study as soon as possible.

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