2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

22. 3. 3AY 2011 Curriculum Language Education Subjects1052. 3. 4AY 2011 Curriculum Outline1122. 3. 5AY 2011 Curriculum Subject List1163.Course Registration Page3. 1Registering for Courses1273. 1. 1From Registration to Credit Completion1273. 1. 2Course Registration Overview1283. 1. 3Important Notes for Course Registration1303. 1. 4Course Re-registration System1363. 1. 5Registration Advising1363. 2Syllabus and APU Library1373. 2. 1Viewing the Syllabus Online1373. 2. 2Introduction to the APU Library1373. 2. 3Finding Textbooks and Reading Materials at the Library1384.Examinations and Grading Page4. 1Examinations1434. 1. 1Final Examinations1434. 1. 2Make-up Examinations1454. 1. 3Final Reports1474. 1. 4APU's Plagiarism Policy1474. 2Grades and GPA1494. 2. 1Grading System1494. 2. 2Grade Point Average (GPA)1494. 2. 3Graduation Assessment1504. 2. 4Release of Grades1514. 2. 5Grade Inquiries1525.Seminar Subjects Page5. 1AY 2017 Curriculum Seminars1555. 1. 1Seminar Subject List1555. 1. 21st Year Seminars1565. 1. 32nd Year Seminars (APS)1575. 1. 43rd Year Seminars1575. 1. 54th Year Seminars1595. 1. 63rd and 4th Year Seminar Applications and Credit1595. 1. 7Undergraduate Thesis / Graduation ResearchⅡ Final Research Output1645. 1. 8Undergraduate Thesis / Graduation ResearchⅡ Final Research Output Format1656.O-campus Study Programs (Overseas and Domestic Student Exchange and Study Abroad Programs) Page6. 1Overview of Off-campus Study Programs1696. 1. 1List of Off-campus Study Programs (Short / Middle-term)1706. 2.Overseas Student Exchange Programs1756. 3Domestic Exchange Programs1786. 4Double Degree Programs1806. 4. 1Double Degree Programs for College of Asia Pacic Studies (APS)1806. 4. 2Double Degree Programs for College of International Management (APM)1826. 5Overseas Short-Term Summer and Winter Programs183

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