2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

Study at APU26CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and Programs■ Basic Academic InformationLong-term AbsencesIn some cases a student may be absent for more than half the term of a course (or more than quarter the term of the course for language subjects, Study Skills and Academic Writing, or Multicultural Cooperative Workshop) due to illness or personal injury. If those students meet the following conditions for a Long-Term Absence and submit an application by the deadline, course registration for the period of absence will be cancelled. Please note that if cancellation is approved, all courses in the affected semester or quarter will be cancelled. You may not cancel only specic subjects.Application Criteria・ If a student is absent for more than half the term of a course due to illness or injury, etc., the student must prove his / her absence with an objective document. For session courses, the absence must be due to illness, injury (only in the case of hospitalization), infectious disease, or bereavement (application criteria for an absence due to bereavement are the same as the short term absence criteria due to bereavement), and the absence must be proven by official documents.・ The absence must have been unforeseen during the registration correction period.・ The reason for the absence cannot be the result of actions willfully taken by the student. * Only students who meet the conditions above are eligible to apply for the cancellation of a course.Notes・ The student's attendance record until the absence must have been good. ・ Must be a student's own illness or injury. Absences resulting from the illness or injury of a family member or friend are not eligible. ・ If the student will be absent from the course due to reasons other than the above, such as extracurricular activities or job-hunting for more than half the term of the session course, and they wish to cancel the session course, the student must visit the Academic Office no later than the day before the session course starts. Application MethodStudents must notify the Academic Ofce as soon as a situation requiring a long-term absence arises. Students must le an application along with ofcial original certicate and original medical expense receipts during the appropriate application period as shown below.ReasonOfcial Certicate(s) RequiredIllness / InjuryMedical certicate which includes the period of hospitalization or treatment and the reason for the class absence plus the receipt for medical expenses (original)BereavementFuneral attendance letter (original) or ofcial death certicate showing the date of death (copy)Application DeadlineYou must apply by 16:30 on the last class day (excluding nal examinations and make-up classes) for the relevant subject. For session courses, by 16:30 on the last day of the session class you are taking. Late applications cannot be accepted.

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