2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

1CONTENTSDeclaration on the Occasion of the Opening of APU・The Ritsumeikan Charter5Diploma Policy6Curriculum Policy (Curriculum Design Policy and Curriculum Implementation Policy)8Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information10Public Announcement Based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information11AY 2021 Academic Calendar121.Study at APU Page1. 1Human Resource Development Goals171. 2Academic Information and Notices from APU181. 2. 1Academic Information and Services181. 2. 2Notices from the Academic Ofce181. 2. 3Faculty Ofce Hours and Contact Details191. 3Basic Academic Information 201. 3. 1Advancement and Graduation201. 3. 2Overview of the Academic Year211. 3. 3Credit System211. 3. 4Course Types211. 3. 5Course Timetable and Class Times221. 3. 6Class Cancellations, Changes, and Make-up Days231. 3. 7Class Absences due to Illness or Bereavement / Tardiness241. 3. 8Study Support302.Curriculum Page2. 1Curriculum352. 1. 1What is a Curriculum?352. 1. 2Graduation Requirements352. 1. 3Systematic Study362. 2AY 2017 Curriculum372. 2. 1College of Asia Pacic Studies (APS)372. 2. 2Graduation Requirements Code (APS : AY 2017 Curriculum)382. 2. 3Graduation Requirements (APS : AY 2017 Curriculum)382. 2. 4Core Subjects and Required Subjects for each Area of Study402. 2. 5Reference Table for Graduation Requirements (APS)422. 2. 6College of International Management (APM)552. 2. 7Graduation Requirements Code (APM : AY 2017 Curriculum)562. 2. 8Graduation Requirements (APM : AY 2017 Curriculum)562. 2. 9Required Subjects (APM)582. 2. 10Reference Table for Graduation Requirements (APM)612. 2. 11AY 2017 Curriculum Language Education Subjects742. 2. 12AY 2017 Curriculum Credit Transfer for Studies Conducted at Other Universities832. 2. 13AY 2017 Curriculum Outline842. 2. 14AY 2017 Curriculum Subject List882. 3AY 2011 Curriculum982. 3. 1College of Asia Pacic Studies (APS)982. 3. 2College of International Management (APM)101

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