2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

Study at APU25CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and Programs■ Basic Academic InformationReason for Absence Application CriteriaOfcial Certicates Required*1Illness / InjuryAbsent for 1 - 3 weeks (at least 5 class days in a row) due to personal illness or injury. This report does not apply to illnesses or injuries of a family member or friend.Medical certicate (Shindansho) or a "Certicate Proving Hospital Visit"*2 which includes the period of hospitalization or treatment and the reason for the class absence, plus the receipt for medical expensesBereavementApplicable for 7 days including public holidays from the date of death (or funeral) of a parent, spouse, or child, or 5 days including public holidays from the date of death (or funeral) of a grandparent or sibling. If a student is absent for longer than the applicable period due to being in transit, whether within Japan or overseas, the student should consult with the Academic Ofce in advance. In such cases, any public transport ticket(s) used showing the boarding date and the boarding section need to be submitted when applying.Funeral attendance letter (original) or ofcial death certicate showing the date of death (copy)* 1 As a rule, official certificates should be written in either English or Japanese. However, if you cannot secure a certificate in English or Japanese, please submit the original official certificate along with a brief translation in English or Japanese.*2 A "Certificate Proving Hospital Visit" may be downloaded from the Class Absences page of the Academic Office website.Application Method1. Download the application form from the Academic Ofce website and ll in one form per subject.2. Attach an ofcial original certicate that clearly states the reason for and duration of absence, as well as an original receipt for medical services. Submit these along with the application forms to the Academic Ofce.3. An Academic Ofce staff member will check your ofcial medical certicate or a "Certicate Proving Hospital Visit" and original receipt for medical services. If there are no mistakes, the staff member will stamp the application forms with the ofce seal and return them to the student.4. The student will submit the stamped forms to the instructors.Application DeadlineYou must apply by 16:30 on the last class day (excluding nal examinations and make-up classes) for the relevant subject. For session courses, by 16:30 on the last day of the session class you are taking. Late applications cannot be accepted.Application Criteria

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