2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

214Check the following two items.1) Basis language (Japanese / English)2) Student type (Dom. / Intl.)【1】Have you completed at least 2 credits from APM required Subjects (Mathematics) ? *1( ) credits at presentYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONONONONONONO【7】Have you been enrolled for at least four years? (Excluding Accelerated Graduation Program students and 2nd / 3rd year transfer students)★‌‌Unfortunately, you haven’t met the graduation requirements yet! Are there any other areas where you have insufcient credits? Please check the following sections in this handbook.【1】,【3】:2.2.9 Required Subjects (APM)【2】: 2.2.11 AY2017 Curriculum Language Education Subjects【4】,【6】: 2.2.10 Reference Table for Graduation Requirements (APM)【5】: 2.2.8 Graduation Requirements (APM:AY2017 Curriculum) 【7】:1.3.1 Advancement and Graduation★‌‌Have you registered an Area of Study? If you haven’t done so yet, please register within the designated periods listed below Eligible Semesters: 1st Semester until Semester of Graduation  Registration Periods: During Course Registration Periods A and B, and also during Correction Periods 1 and 2【2017 Curriculum APM Students ONLY】【2】Have you completed your required language subjects (or been exempted from required language subjects) ?( ) credits at present【6】Have you completed at least 124 credits in total?( ) credits at present*1 APM Required Subjects (Mathematics):Fundamental Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics *2 APM Required Subjects: Introduction to Management, Statistics, Introduction to Economics, AccountingⅠ, Introduction to Marketing, Finance, Management of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Production Management, Legal Strategy in Business, Business Ethics, Global Management (Capstone)*3 Students` credit status for each Subject Field can be checked through Campusmate ( View Credit Completion).【4】Have you fullled the credit requirements for each subject eld? *3START【3】Have you completed all APM required Subjects (11 Subjects in total)? *2( ) credits at present【5】(Japanese-basis domestic students only) Have you completed at least 20 credits of subjects held in English?( ) credits at present【Notes】 ※ The results of this checklist cannot be considered as a nal decision regarding expected graduation. ※ This sheet cannot be used as an ofcial document or certicate for any purpose (job offers, graduate school exams, etc.).GOALGOALGOALYou’ve met the graduation requirements!Graduation Requirements: Checklist

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