2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

198G棟E 棟C棟E棟A棟APハウス 2APハウス 1BuildingGBuildingEBuildingCBuildingEBuildingAAP House 1AP House 2Sakura Sky GardenSakura Sky GardenBuildingIMainFacilitiesAP House 2AP House 1Administration Building1F Student Office / Career OfficeHealth Clinic / Central Security OfficeCreotech Office2F Admissions Office / Convention Hall Creotech Office3F Conference Rooms / Administration Office4F Office of the President(Public Relations / Institutional Research &Planning / Parents Relations / SecretariatSocial Affiliations / APU Alumni Association)Office of Institutional Advancement / Officeof Planning5F Guest RoomsBuildingAFaculty Offices1F Academic Office / Research Office2F Research Meeting Rooms (RMR)  RCAPS Conference Room3F-5F Faculty Offices / Seminar Project RoomsBuildingBFaculty Offices Ⅱ1F Lecturers’ OfficesStudent Counseling RoomAPU Confucius Institute2F Faculty Offices3F Faculty OfficesBuildingBMillennium HallBuildingCTokimachibaI棟Convenience Store (Lawson) / Jumonjibaru Lounge / Bus ShelterBuildingI

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