2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

196Other Informationand ProgramsCurriculumSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsStudy at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and Grading■ Open University of Japan7.6 Open University of JapanWith the aim of offering a university education that is open to everyone in the nation regardless of age and profession, the Open University of Japan places emphasis on lifelong learning and distance education in providing courses through internet, radio, and television broadcasts. Incorporating a broad spectrum of knowledge, there are numerous subjects offered at the Open University of Japan. There will be a mid-term report and nal examination requirement for each subject. To be eligible to receive credits, students must take a nal examination. This examination will be held at the Oita Gakushu Center (Beppu City) and other gakushu centers across Japan. Students must clearly state their preferred testing location on their initial application form. Note that all Open University of Japan courses are taught in Japanese. Although there are no specic language requirements, students are required to understand classes taught in Japanese. Credits obtained will appear as a "T" (Transfer) on the APU transcript. Tuition Fees and Application MethodTuition fees for the Open University of Japan are calculated on a credit-based system (1 credit = 5,500 JPY; no admission fees are required). As most of the subjects offered are 2 credits, each subject will cost 11,000 JPY (as of AY 2021).Students may apply for Open University of Japan courses through the Academic Ofce during the designated period. Please note that the class periods (including sessions) and the nal examination periods at the Open University of Japan and APU may coincide. Therefore, please register only for Open University of Japan courses with examinations which do not clash with your APU courses. Neither university offers any special measures for students Item 2021 Fall Semester 2022 Spring Semester Forms and Details Ofce Application PeriodMon, June 21- Fri, June 25,2021Thu, January 6- Thu, January 13, 2022Ofcial Open University of Japan Application Form (green sheet) and APU Open University of Japan Application FormAcademic OfcePayment of Tuition FeesMid-SeptemberMid-MarchInvoice will be sent directly to current address by the Open University of JapanOpen Universityof JapanStart of ClassesFri, October 1Fri, April 1FinalExaminationsLate JanuaryLate JulyGakushu CenterResultsReleasedLate FebruaryLate AugustReport sent to studentsOpen Universityof JapanCreditsTransferredDuring Spring Semester Correction Period 2During Fall Semester Correction Period 2Results will be displayed on the Campus Terminal Grade Report screenAcademic Ofce

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