2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

193Other Informationand ProgramsCurriculumSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsStudy at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and Grading■ Credit Transfer Programs for Credits Earned at Other Universities in JapanNotes:・ The credits will be transferred as APU subjects. Therefore, the number of credits you are assigned for each course may not be the same as the number of credits you obtained for the same course at your previous university.・ "T" (transfer) will be shown for all transferred subjects in the evaluation section of the student's grade report. *A maximum of 60 credits are transferrable, including all forms of transferred credits at APU. Please also refer to p.83 for more information regarding the credit transfer system.・ If you do not submit all the requested documents, your application will not be approved.・ If a syllabus is not written in Japanese / English, please submit it with a Japanese / English translation attached.Further details regarding credit transfer will be available on Campus Terminal early each semester.7.5 Credit Transfer Programs for Credits Earned at Other Universities in JapanTo ensure that APU students are devoting sufcient time to their regular curricular studies and not taking more classes than they can handle, limits are set on subjects and credits for which students can apply and semesters for which students can enroll for the following programs.Program NameSubjects / Credit Limits for which Students can Apply and Semesters for which Students can EnrollOpen University of Japan ● Maximum 3 subjects (6 credits) per semester for all programs combined at the time of application(s). ● Semesters for which students can enroll: 3rd-7th (3rd-6th for students taking RU Summer Session)Curricular Exchange Program with Oita UniversityOita University, On DemandOita Learning (Toyono-Manabi) Consortium Credit Transfer"Create Oita Subjects" Credit TransferRitsumeikan University Summer Session Exchange Program* If a student applies for more subjects than they are allowed to take, subjects which exceed the credit limit will be automatically rejected.AY 2017 Curriculum APS students are required to register for their Area of Study before they can apply for the above programs.*Students can change their Area of Study multiple times during the designated registration period (refer to p.37).

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