2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

192Other Informationand ProgramsCurriculumSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsStudy at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and Grading■ Credit Transfer for Studies Conducted at Other UniversitiesCredit Transfer upon Advancement to an APU Graduate SchoolBased on applications filed by program students, credits earned from subjects completed through this program will be approved as credits obtained prior to admission as long as they are deemed academically beneficial by the graduate school in question.However, students who are planning to enroll in a graduate school other than APU should consult with that graduate school about whether credits earned through this program may be transferred.7.4 Credit Transfer for Studies Conducted at Other Universities (First Semester Students Only)APU understands the signicance of learning through a wide range of channels. Therefore, the University will allow students to transfer credits obtained prior to enrollment under certain circumstances (except for 2nd and 3rd year transfer students). Credits will be transferred only if applicants fulll the credit transfer conditions.Here are the necessary conditions for a Credit Transfer:1. Credits obtained at another university or junior college before enrolling APU.2. Credits obtained as a part-time APU student prior to enrollment.Maximum number of credits30 creditsApplication Materials:ⅰ Application formⅱ Original Academic Transcriptⅲ Course syllabi (which include subject name, course description, grade evaluation, course objectives, number of class hours, and number of classes).*To submit ⅱ and ⅲ, please proceed as follows.・ Please contact the Academic Ofce or the professor in charge at your previous university and ask them to issue ⅱ and ⅲ. (*Please make sure that the syllabi include the ofcial seal of your previous university.) ・ Please ask your previous university to send the issued documents directly to APU. (*Please note that the documents must be sent in an ofcial envelope of your previous university and the university's seal must be stamped across the ap of the envelope.)If the conditions listed above are not met, your application cannot be accepted. Application Period:Applications are only accepted in the rst semester immediately after a student's enrollment at APU. APU will not authorize a credit transfer after this time under any circumstances.

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