2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

187Other Informationand ProgramsCurriculumSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsStudy at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and Grading■ Accelerated Graduation ProgramAccelerated Graduation AssessmentAccelerated Graduation Program students who have satised the conditions detailed below and who subsequently pass the early graduation assessment interview will be eligible to graduate upon completion of their 6th or 7th semester. Students who do not meet these requirements may graduate as regular students after their 8th semester or later.Eligibility・ Submission of the Graduation Assessment Application at during the designated period at the end of the semester prior to the semester of intended graduation・ Meet all the designated graduation requirements of that student's college. Please refer to p.38 (APS students) or p.56 (APM students) for information about each college's graduation requirements.・ Cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher・ Completion of at least 20 credits of Lecture / Seminar subjects held in their non-basis language (excluding E / J classes and language subjects)ScheduleAccelerated Graduation and TuitionAccelerated graduation students will pay adjusted tuition fees according to the tuition model below. Because of these changes, once a student has registered for accelerated graduation they will pay a comparatively higher tuition fee per semester than regular students. Be sure to conrm the tuition fees for each semester. Once a student has registered for the Accelerated Graduation Program, they will be unable to return to normal student status unless their registration is revoked during re-evaluation in their 4th semester. Students graduating in three and a half years will not be billed Tuition Fee B (registered credit based fee) for the 7th semester. Please refer to the "Campus Life Handbook" on the Student Ofce website for more information.Tuition Fees for Accelerated Graduation Students・ Accelerated Graduation A: Regular student (non-transfer) registered for the program in their 2nd year・ Accelerated Graduation B: Regular student (non-transfer) registered for the program in their 2nd year, but removed from the program after the 4th semester re-evaluation・ Accelerated Graduation C: Regular student (non-transfer) registered for the program in their 3rd yearSpring 2021 Graduation Fall 2021 Graduation Announcement of ResultsWed, September 1, 2021Wed, March 2, 20221st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th YearRegular Student1,300,000 JPY1,500,000 JPY1,500,000 JPY1,500,000 JPYAccelerated Graduation A1,300,000 JPY1,870,000 JPY1,870,000 JPY-Accelerated Graduation B1,300,000 JPY1,870,000 JPY1,315,000 JPY1,315,000 JPYAccelerated Graduation C1,300,000 JPY1,500,000 JPY2,240,000 JPY-

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