2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingOther Information and Programs182O-campus StudyProgramsSeminar SubjectsStudy at APUNotes for All Double Degree Programs・ Schedules and Credit Transfer processes are similar to those for Overseas Student Exchange programs.・ Student status while at the host institution will be "Exchange." Time spent abroad will count toward the period of enrollment so that students may graduate in a minimum of 4 years.・ Timing and duration of the program, as well as number of students accepted, may vary based on the balance of incoming and outgoing exchange students.・ Based on our program agreement with the host institution, it is not necessary to pay tuition to the host institution. Students must pay tuition to APU during their time as a program student.・ Other primary expenses are as follows.  Dormitory fees (or fees for other types of housing), meals, living expenses, textbook fees, application fees (passport, visa), round-trip transportation, overseas travel insurance, risk management system (J-TAS) fees, miscellaneous fees.・ For more information, please refer to the Academic Ofce website.*Main requirements are listed only. Please check the application guidelines for a complete list. There are also a number of different requirements to be met prior to departure.■ Double Degree Programs6.4.2Double Degree Programs for College of International Management (APM)Double Degree Program with Neoma Business School (France)Period of study at host institution2 years[Spring enrollees] 2nd semester - 5th semester[Fall enrollees] 3rd semester - 6th semesterCollegeCentre d'Etudes Supérieures Européennes de Management (CESEM)School of European Higher Studies of ManagementApplication period[Spring enrollees] Applications are closed before enrollment (March)[Fall enrollees] Guidance session will be held during the Fall semesterApplication will be accepted around February / MarchEligibility*For departure in Fall 2021●Applicants must be 1st year undergraduate APM students enrolled in 2020 Fall semester or 2021 Spring semester●Open to both Japanese-basis students and English-basis students●Open to both domestic students and international students● 2020 Fall enrollees: semester 1 cumulative GPA must be 2.80 or higher ● Applicants must fulfill the language requirements(at the time of application IELTS™ 5.5, TOEFL iBT® Test 71, TOEFL® PBT Test or TOEFL ITP® Test 525, TOEIC® L&R TEST(IP) 700, EIKEN® Grade pre 1 or higher)Screening processDocument screening, TOEFL ITP® exam and interviewNumber of students acceptedApproximately 10 students per year

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