2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingOther Information and Programs178O-campus StudyProgramsSeminar SubjectsStudy at APU・ The classes that the student will be attending overseas must be accredited classes (the duration must be six months or more). ・ The course of study at the host university must be deemed academically beneficial to the student.・ APU and the host university must agree on the student’s study abroad program.・ The student must not possess a passport for the country or region of the host university. If the student possesses a passport for the country or region of the host university the student must have received less than four years of education in that country or region after Junior High School (beyond G7).* For more details please contact the Academic Ofce.Ritsumeikan University - Akita International University Exchange Program (1 semester or 1 year program)Through domestic exchange programs it is possible to study at two universities: Ritsumeikan University (RU) and Akita International University (AIU). Unlike APU, Ritsumeikan University (RU) has nine colleges, so it is possible to deepen your knowledge in areas that are not available at APU. (There are actually 16 colleges; however, program participants are able to apply to nine of them.) Additionally, RU has a high percentage of students who are Japanese. On the other hand, Akita International University (AIU) offers many small classes, and classes are all held in English. In contrast to major education where you master knowledge deeply in a specic eld of expertise, their programs offer a liberal arts education where you master diverse perspectives that can help you make the right decisions based on the circumstances. Please choose and participate in the program that best matches your interests and where you can enrich your experiences and deepen your studies.Host Universities and CollegesHost UniversitiesCollegeCampusNumber of Students to be AcceptedPeriodRitsumeikan University (RU)College of LawCollege of Social SciencesCollege of International RelationsCollege of LettersKinugasa Campus(KIC: Kyoto City, Kyoto)Up to 30 students per yearSpring Departure: 1 semester or 1 yearFall Departure: 1 semesterCollege of EconomicsCollege of Science and EngineeringCollege of Sports & Health SciencesBiwako - Kusatsu Campus (BKC: Kusatsu City, Shiga)College of Policy SciencesCollege of Business AdministrationOsaka Ibaraki Campus (OIC: Ibaraki City, Osaka)Akita International University (AIU)College of International Liberal ArtsAkita International University (AIU: Akita City, Akita)Up to 10 students per yearSpring Departure: 1 semester or 1 yearFall Departure: 1 semester or 1 year■ Long-term Programs (Domestic Exchange Programs)6.3 Domestic Exchange Programs

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