2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingOther Information and ProgramsSeminar SubjectsStudy at APU177O-campus StudyProgramsScreening ProcessStudents will be selected based on a comprehensive screening of application documents, academic criteria, language prociency test scores (IELTSTM / TOEFL®), and an interview.Interviews will be conducted only if deemed necessary following the document screening.ScheduleCredit Transfer after Student ExchangeAll students・ Students can transfer a maximum of 60 credits to APU, including credits earned at their host university through student exchange.・ It is not possible to transfer credits for subjects with no relation to the APU curriculum (e.g. sports / art courses).・ Students wishing to transfer credits for subjects offered as part of the regular curriculum at their host university must apply to have these subjects screened. ・ If a host university subject is transferred under the name of a specic APU subject, it is no longer possible to register for that subject at APU. ・ "T" (transfer) will be shown for all transferred subjects in the evaluation section of students' grade report.AY 2017 Curriculum students・ We highly recommend that APM students choose a university accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, or EPAS. APM students studying at partner universities with one or more of these accreditations may be able to transfer some subjects as APM major education subjects. Subjects taken at non-accredited universities may not be eligible for transfer as APM major education subjects.Independently Arranged Study Abroad"Independently Arranged Study Abroad" does not refer to a Student Exchange Program with a university with which APU has signed a "Student Exchange Agreement," but instead refers to a system where the student applies independently and is accepted to a study abroad program at a university of the student’s choice after evaluation by APU. The student's status will be set to "exchange" while they are overseas. In order to obtain this "exchange" status at APU for this type of program, students must fulll the following requirements:Timing Description After successfully clearing APU internal screeningAPU nominates accepted students to their host university.Approx. 4 months prior to departureStudents submit application forms to their host university.Approx. 3 months prior to departureStudents receive their letter of acceptance from the host university, apply for a visa, apply for housing, purchase insurance, etc.Approx. 2 months prior to departureStudents prepare for departure to their host country.■ Long-term Programs (International Exchange Programs)

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