2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingOther Information and Programs176Seminar SubjectsStudy at APUO-campus StudyProgramsEligibility and Requirements for Overseas Student Exchange ProgramsProgram Aims and FeaturesSpecialized study at overseas partner universitiesEligible Participants4th – 7th semester studentsProgram Length1 semester or 1 year (2 semesters) * 2 semesters may overlap in year status (e.g. 4th semester to 5th semester students)Application RequirementsCurrent semester2nd – 5th semester studentsGPASemester GPA of at least 2.00* Cumulative GPA requirements differ depending on the host universityLanguageProciency RequirementLanguage requirements differ depending on the country and host university.A) Those who plan to take the majority of their classes in English: Applicants are asked to submit a IELTSTM score of 5.5-6.5 (or equivalent)B) Those who plan to take the majority of their classes in one of the AP languages: Applicants must be procient to the level that they are able to take curricular courses in that language as well as meet the English requirement set by their host university.* Note that applicants must submit a language prociency test score (IELTSTM, TOEFL iBT®, ITP®, etc.) to APU when applying for the internal screening. Additionally, applicants who plan to take the majority of their classes in an AP language may also be required to submit a language prociency test score to APU.Application PeriodRecruitment is held twice a year, one year prior to the actual program start date. Spring departure programs: 1st round mid-April to mid-May, 2nd round early-June to late-JuneFall departure programs: 1st round mid-October to mid-November, 2nd round mid-December to early-JanuaryHost UniversitiesOverseas universities with which APU has signed a Student Exchange AgreementDeparture DatesDeparture dates vary depending on the host universityCourse ContentCurricular courses offered at the host universityCourse RegistrationStudents register for courses at the host universityGrade ReceivedT (Transfer)Timing of Credit TransferCredits will be transferred upon submission of a Credit Transfer Request, host university transcript(s), and other required documents to be screened by the two colleges and Academic AffairsAccommodationUniversity dormitory, private apartment, etc.Primary ExpensesAPU Tuition, housing fees, meals, living expenses, textbooks, visa application fees, round-trip transportation, overseas travel insurance, risk management system (J-TAS) fees, miscellaneous expenses* Departure dates, program length, and recruitment slots will be decided based on the balance of incoming and outgoing exchange students, as well as each partner university’s academic calendar. * 3rd year transfer students are not eligible to apply. Students who transfered in their 2nd year can apply from their 4th semester onwards.■ Long-term Programs (International Exchange Programs)

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