2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingOther Information and Programs172O-campus StudyProgramsSeminar SubjectsStudy at APU■ List of Off-campus Study Programs (Short / middle-term)GCP(GlobalCommunication Program)SENDNihongo PartnersProgram Aims and Features● Communication skills● Intercultural understanding● Educational internship at secondary schools or universities abroad● Japanese language education support and Japanese culture classes● Understand the local people and teach them Japanese language and its culture.● Understand the culture and language of the country.● Cultivate a positive attitude towards different cultures through commucation with people of a different cul-tural background.Eligible Participants3rd - 6th semester students at the time of departure(2nd - 5th semester students at the time of application)2nd - 7th semester studentsFollow the Requirements of the Japan FoundationApplication Requirements● Japanese-basis domestic / international students● Students must have completed Intermediate English A / B by the time of departure● Native Speakers of JapaneseSemester and Duration of studySpring Semester2nd Quarter (2 months)Summer / Winter Sessions(3 - 4 weeks)August - March(Past-program basis)Application PeriodSP-AprilJune-JulyFANovember - JanuaryOctober-Study Site (Country / Area)(Past programs included)U.S.A. (Texas)Thailand, Vietnam, etc.IndonesiaSubject (Field) Number of Credits● Special Lecture (E) (Common Liberal Arts Subject) 8 credits● Volunteer Activities (E) (Common Liberal Arts Subject) 2 credits Total: 10 credits● Internship (J) (Common Liberal Arts Subject) 4 credits● Special Lecture (Language Education Course) 16 creditsGradesRegular grading (A+, A, B, C, F)Regular grading (A+, A, B, C, F)P (Pass) / F (Fail)Semester Credit is AwardedSemester when the program is conductedSemester after the program is conductedSemester when the program is conductedEstimated Cost (JPY)500,000 (Airfare not included)100,000 - 150,000None(Subsidy from the Japan Foundation)Inclusion in Credit Registration LimitIncludedNot includedNot includedSubject Re-registrationNot permittedNot permittedNot permitted*The above contents may change. Please refer to the program applications for details. *All the above subjects will be registered by the university.

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