2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingOther Information and Programs169O-campus StudyProgramsSeminar SubjectsStudy at APU■ Overview of Off-campus  Study Programs APU education stresses the elements of knowledge, experience, and exchange. Classroom lectures are useful for acquiring knowledge; however, it is also necessary to provide students with off-campus opportunities to gain experience and participate in exchange activities.Moving away from the standard system of teaching and learning based solely on classroom lectures, APU designs programs to focus on experience and practical learning. These are called Off-campus Study Programs. There are a wide range of Off-campus Study Programs to meet the needs of students at various stages during their four years of study. Off-campus Study Programs do not simply provide an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom. They provide an opportunity for you to go beyond the learning experience as you reect on your academic plans and career development. APU offers a range of programs from domestic and international eldwork to internships. The University also makes use of its vast global networks to provide a wide variety of regional and international cooperative programs. We strongly urge all students to take advantage of at least one Off-campus Study Programs as part of their four-year course of study.*For program details and program periods, please refer to the List of Off-campus Study Programs on the following page.*Please check the Academic Ofce website for the latest information.6.1 Overview of Off-campus Study ProgramsMajorstudiesCross-culturalCareerLanguagestudyO-campus Study Programs at APUCareer development throughlanguage study and internship overseasService LearningIntensive language study overseasAP Language ImmersionReceive an American liberal arts educationGCPEnglish study in partner universityEXPLOREA cross cultural experienceFIRSTTake Required English Courses AbroadEXCEEDIntensive Japanese StudyJapanese ImmersionExperience collaborative learning overseasSECONDExperience an educational setting overseasSENDSpread Japan in South-East AsiaNihongo PartnersResearch AbroadAPU Global Research ProgramWork experience in Japan and overseasInternshipApply specialized knowledgeField Study /Field Research ProjectLong term study abroad at an overseasand domestic partner universityStudent ExchangeAcquire 2 degrees in 4 yearsDouble Degree Programs

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