2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

166CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsStudy at APUSeminar Subjects■ Thesis / Final Research Output Format ・ Explanatory Notes: Explanatory notes in the main body of the text often impair the logical ow of the text. Therefore, endnotes are used in such circumstances. Endnotes are to be formatted as follows. ○ Numbers are to be given at the point in the text to which the endnote refers. ○ 〈注〉 (Explanatory Notes) is to be written at the end of the main body of the text in bold and the explanatory notes should be written starting from the following line. ○ The endnote numbers are to correspond with the numbers given in the main body of the text. ○ 〈注〉 and the endnotes are to be in a smaller font size than the main text.・ Citations: Citations are used to reinforce the contents of an author's thesis or to build on previously conducted research, etc. ・ List of References and Bibliography: A List of References contains details for only those works cited in the text. A Bibliography shows both cited works and sources that are not cited, but which are relevant to the subject. Either a List of References or a Bibliography must be included.Thesis Written in EnglishAny directions given by instructors are to take precedent. If no specic instructions are given, the below format is to be followed.No. of Words and Pages・ APS: Equivalent of 12,000 to 15,000 words (main text only)・ APM: Equivalent of 7,000 to 15,000 words (including main text and footnotes)Any tables or reference materials are to be included in the above page counts.Page NumberingPage numbers must be included.FontFont is to be between 10.5 and 12 point.Table of ContentsA Table of Contents is to be included on the page following the coversheet. The Table of Contents should list the titles for each chapter and section and give the page numbers for each.Editorial StyleTheses are to follow the APA style (editorial style adopted by the American Psychological Association and used widely in psychology and the social sciences). Details of this style are given below.

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