2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and Programs165CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsStudy at APUSeminar Subjects■ Thesis / Final Research Output Format Any directions given by instructors are to take precedence. If no specic instructions are given, the format below is to be followed. Please note that there are academic writing manuals offered by APU (APU Writing Manual (in Japanese only) and APU Style Guide (in English only)) to which students can refer for proper citation practices, referencing, format, and so on. In principle the nal product of Graduation Resech Ⅱ shoud be a thesis, but the supervisor may approve other kinds of work(ex: audiovisual materials). Please follow your supervisor's instructions.Thesis Written in JapaneseNo. of Characters and Pages・ APS: Equivalent of 80-100 pages of 400-character pages (main text only)・ APM: Equivalent of 50-100 pages of 400-character pages (including main text and footnotes)Any tables or reference materials are to be included in the above page counts. Page NumberingPage numbers must be included.FontFont is to be between 10.5 and 12 point.Table of ContentsA Table of Contents is to be included on the page following the coversheet. The Table of Contents should list the titles for each chapter and section and give the page numbers for each.Writing StyleThe "da" or "de aru" style is to be used.Editorial StyleTheses are to follow the APA style (editorial style adopted by the American Psychological Association and used widely in psychology and the social sciences). Details of this style are given below. ・ Headings and Sub-headings: The main body of the text is to be divided into chapters with each numbered (1, 2, 3…). Chapters may be divided further into sections, which are also to be numbered (1.1, 1.2, 1.3…). Headings and sub-headings should be in bold.5.1.8Undergraduate Thesis / Graduation Research Ⅱ Final Research Output Format

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