2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and Programs159CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsStudy at APUSeminar Subjects■ 4th Year Seminars5.1.54th Year Seminars4th year seminars form the culmination of students' four years of study at APU. This highly specialized subject allows students to select a topic of interest and conduct focused research over a one-year period.Students take "Graduation Research Ⅰ‌(Research Seminar) " (2 credits) or "Research Seminar" (2 credits) in the rst half of their 4th year. Students who successfully pass these subjects are then able to take "Graduation Research Ⅱ (Undergraduate Thesis)" (4 credits) or "Undergraduate Thesis" (4 credits) the following semester. Only students who pass "Graduation Research Ⅰ‌(Research Seminar) " or "Research Seminar" are able to register for "Graduation Research Ⅱ‌(Undergraduate Thesis)" or "Undergraduate Thesis." Interested students must apply to take "Graduation Research Ⅰ" or "Research Seminar" during the latter half of their 3rd year of studies.Grade EvaluationGraduation Research Ⅰ‌(Research Seminar), Research Seminar: Pass (P) / Fail (F)Graduation Research Ⅱ‌(Undergraduate Thesis), Undergraduate Thesis: Regular grading (A+, A, B, C, / F)*Subject titles enclosed in parenthesis refer to subjects from the AY 2011 Curriculum.5.1.63rd and 4th Year Seminar Applications and CreditApplication Period and Registration・ Students must apply for a 3rd year or 4th year seminar the semester immediately preceding the semester they intend to take the seminar subject. Students are unable to cancel their enrollment after their application has been approved.・ Students may only apply to take a seminar in their own college of enrollment for their rst, or "Main Seminar." Only when registering for a second, or "Sub Seminar," may a subject from another college be taken.・ 3rd year seminar courses (Major SeminarⅠ & Ⅱ, 2 credits each) are held each semester. Once accepted to a seminar course, the same instructor's course will be automatically registered each following semester as long as a student does not participate in a study abroad program or take a leave of absence. See p.162 for details on cancelling or changing a seminar.・ Please note that sub-seminars must be applied for each semester, and are not automatically registered.・ Fourth year seminars are held over a one-year period. Both "Graduation Research Ⅰ / Research Seminar" (2 credits) and "Graduation Research Ⅱ / Undergraduate Thesis" (4 credits) will be taught by the same instructor.・ Students are able to take 4th year seminars during their 4th year of study. Ordinarily, students register for these in their 7th and 8th semesters; however, students may elect to take their seminar during their 8th and 9th semesters. Please visit the Academic Ofce for more information.

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