2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

15YearDateDayAcademic CalendarClassSchedule202211SatNew Year's Day*Mid January - Late January2Sun For AY 2017 Curriculum Students (while in APU),3Mon Japanese and English language subject exemption application period4TueMid January - Late February5Wed For AY 2017 / 2011 Curriculum Students (while studying abroad or taking a leave of absence), 6Thu● Japanese and English language subject exemption application period7Fri●January 6 - 13, Thursday - Thursday8SatMake-up Classes 2○ Open University of Japan application period (2022 Spring Semester courses)9SunJanuary 18, Tuesday10MonComing of Age Day*No Classes Fall Semester 2nd quarter nal exam schedule released 11Tue●January 19, Wednesday12Wed● Fall Semester undergraduate thesis submission deadline13Thu●January 26, Wednesday14Fri● 2022 Spring Semester seminar subject application results released15Sat 2022 Spring Semester sub-seminar application results released16Sun 2022 Fall Semester student exchange (international) guidance session for successful applicants (2nd Round)17Mon●18Tue●19Wed●20Thu●21Fri●22Sat23Sun24Mon●25Tue●26Wed●27Thu●28Fri●29SatMake-up Classes 3○30SunBack-up Classes○31MonFinal Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester●21TueFinal Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester●Note:2WedFinal Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester (Back-up Examination Date)●The AY 2021 Winter Session will be held February 7 - 11, Monday - Friday. 3ThuFinal Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester●Classes will be held on February 11, Friday.4FriFinal Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester●5SatBack-up Examinations○6SunBack-up Examinations○7MonWinter Session●8TueWinter Session●9WedWinter Session●10ThuWinter Session●11FriNational Foundation Day*Winter Session / Classes as usual●12Sat13Sun14Mon2nd Quarter Make-up Examinations●15Tue2nd Quarter Make-up Examinations●16Wed17Thu18Fri19Sat20Sun21Mon22Tue23WedEmperor's Birthday*24Thu25Fri26Sat27Sun28Mon31TueMarch 2 - 4, Wednesday - Friday2WedGraduation Results Announced Grade inquiry period (for students eligible for graduation assessment)3ThuMarch 14 - 16, Monday - Wednesday4Fri Grade inquiry period (for all other students)5Sat Course re-registration application period6SunLate March7Mon 2022 Spring Semester Course Registration Period8Tue9Wed10Thu11Fri12Sat13Sun14MonFall Semester Results Released15Tue16Wed17Thu18FriGraduation Ceremony19Sat20Sun21MonVernal Equinox Day*22Tue23Wed24Thu25Fri26Sat27Sun28Mon29Tue30Wed31Thu* If a nal exam is postponed due to the decision to halt public transportation due to a typhoon, snow, labor strike, etc., then the nal exam will be rescheduled for a "Back-up Examination" date which will either be the Saturday during the nal exam period or the Wednesday (during a class period that does not have previously scheduled exams) following the end of the nal exam period. Students should not schedule trips or make plans to return home during this period due to the possibility that exams may be rescheduled. Please refer to the "Undergraduate Academic Handbook" for further details.

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