2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

156CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsStudy at APUSeminar Subjects■ 1st Year Seminars5.1.21st Year SeminarsAPU offers rst year students the opportunity to study seminar subjects in the form of "Study Skills and Academic Writing" and "Multicultural Cooperative Workshop." These subjects are designed to prepare students for their study at APU through a range of lectures and workshops on issues including study skills and cross-cultural communication. More details are as follows.Study Skills and Academic WritingLearning ObjectivesAPU encourages students to develop an independent, active, self-driven way of learning that will lead them to discover problems and solve them on their own. As such Study Skills and Academic Writing aims at developing study skills and a positive attitude towards learning.Instruction MethodsAll classes are composed of a lecture by the instructor followed by a small-size workshop. The workshop portion of the class is facilitated by Teaching Assistants (TAs). Instructors routinely visit the workshop classes and provide support and advice when necessary. The smaller workshop classes are further divided into two groups where each group will spend the semester researching a topic which is related to their learning of both colleges together. Each person in the group must submit an individual report on the topic at the end of the semester as well as give a presentation. Multicultural Cooperative WorkshopLearning ObjectivesDoing group work with students from many different cultural backgrounds is a daily occurrence here at APU and also the norm in today's globalized society. This subject aims to foster in first year students the basic skills and attitudes that are necessary for such intercultural cooperation.Instruction MethodsClasses will fundamentally consist of lectures by instructors in conjunction with seminar classes run by Teaching Assistants (TAs). Large classroom lectures will be divided by language basis (either Japanese or English), whereas the seminar part of the class will take place in smaller classrooms where students will be divided into groups of both Japanese-basis and English-basis students. The groups will undertake a group project throughout the semester. For the group project, each group will plan and implement a project that will help students to acquire the skills and abilities that are required by APU students. For the nal step, each group will give a presentation on their project at a presentation competition.

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