2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

149Examinations and GradingCurriculumSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsStudy at APUCourse Registration■ Grades and GPA4.2 Grades and GPA4.2.1Grading SystemThe APU grading system is as follows.Letter GradesGrades are evaluated using a 5-level letter grade scale: A+, A, B. C, and F. As shown in the table above, each letter grade is also given a corresponding grade point value.Other Evaluation Codes*Credits transfered at the time of enrollment at APU do not count toward the 60 credit limit (for 2nd or 3rd year transfer students ONLY).Other than letter grades and the evaluation codes, the following codes may be printed on ofcial transcripts.Code Denition Notes R Approved for Re-registrationCredits are not countedE Exemption4.2.2Grade Point Average (GPA)GPA is a value representing a student's overall grade evaluation, calculated from the individual grades of their classes according to a specic set of rules established by the University.Cumulative GPA and Semester GPA"Cumulative GPA" is calculated from the time of a student's enrollment through to a student's last semester. This is the number that is printed on ofcial transcripts. Cumulative GPA is used when applying for exchange programs, the Accelerated Graduation Program, course registration, etc."Semester GPA" is calculated using only the grades acquired in the present semester. This is the number that is not included on ofcial transcripts. Semester GPA is used when applying for scholarships, course registration, etc.Letter Grade (%) Grade Point ValuePass / Fail A+ 90% or higher4.0Pass A 80-89%3.0B 70-79%2.0C 60-69%1.0F 59% or lower0.0Fail Code Denition Notes P PassUtilized in some subjectsT TransferA maximum of 60 credits*

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