2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

145Examinations and GradingCurriculumSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsStudy at APUCourse Registration■ Make-up Examinations ・ Sitting for an examination outside of the designated examination location ・ Taking answer sheets out of the examination room ・ Talking or whispering during the examination, as well as looking at other people's answers ・ Using any materials not permitted for the examination ・ Lending or borrowing of allowed materials, other items, etc. ・ Failing to follow the proctor's instructions ・ Opening any websites or applications other than those permitted for use during the exam (if a test is being held in a PC classroom) ・ Accessing the examination system (manaba, etc.) from outside the examination room during the examination period ・ Accessing the examination system (manaba, etc.) using someone else's ID / password ・ Obstructing the examination in any other way ・ Please note that even in the case of open-book examinations, the use of Internet-enabled devices such as mobile phones and notebook computers is not permitted.◦Consequences of CheatingStudents found to be cheating may be punished in several ways, including the following:  ・ Receive an F grade for the course ・ Punishment pursuant to the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Regulations on Punitive Measures for StudentsAdditional Notes・ For closed-book examinations, any texts or materials other than those specically permitted will be regarded as "cheat sheets."・ The only items permitted on your desk during the examination are a watch, pens, pencils, erasers, and your student ID card. All personal items that you do not need for the examination, such as coats, pen cases, bags, etc. must be placed under the seat (not ON the seat). Smart phones, cell phones, smart watches, and other internet-capable devices may NOT be used as watches.・ The examination will be considered invalid if you take it at a different time than the scheduled examination time.・ You must bring a pen to the test and write your name in ink.In addition, you must follow the instructions of the examination proctor(s) in regards to seating, submitting question and answer sheets, etc. If you fail to follow the proctor's instructions, this may be considered academic misconduct, and treated as a form of cheating. The University will not be responsible for the consequences of failing to follow instructions during the examination.4.1.2Make-up ExaminationsWhen it is not possible to take an examination due to natural disaster or unavoidable personal reasons such as hospitalization, sudden illness, or a job interview, an "Application for Make-up Examination" (available at the Academic Ofce) may be submitted after the examination has nished. The form must be submitted within one week, including the day of the examination (i.e., If your examination was conducted on Thursday, you have until the following Wednesday

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