2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

144Examinations and GradingCurriculumSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsStudy at APUCourse Registration■ Final ExaminationsSuspension of Public Transportation ServicesThe following measures will be taken in the case of suspension of public transportation services due to reasons such as typhoon or snow. The circumstances for "suspension of public transportation services" are the same as those outlined on p.23.Time of Decision Time of Announcement Response 6:30 a.m.approx. 6:45 a.m.Period 1 and 2 will be cancelled. The cancelled examinations will be held on the back-up examination day.10:30 a.m.approx. 10:45 a.m.Examinations from period 3 onward will be cancelled. The cancelled examinations will be held on the back-up examination day.After 10:30 a.m.As decidedDecisions regarding make-ups will be made as appropriate. ● Announcements will be made on Campus Terminal. Be sure to check Campus Terminal yourself. ● Information about newly scheduled examination dates, make-up report topics, submission methods, and deadlines will be announced on Campus Terminal after the notice of cancellation. ● Even if there is no "suspension of public transportation services," important decisions may be made regarding examinations depending on the trafc conditions. In this case, announcements will also be made on Campus Terminal. ● Please do not plan trips or make plans to return home on the back-up examination day (as shown on the Academic Calendar). You will not be permitted to take a make-up examination if you miss a nal examination for personal reasons.Academic MisconductExaminations at APU are conducted in order to assess students' level of achievement in their studies, and as such must be conducted fairly and impartially. Cheating during an examination amounts to an abandonment of one's own right to learning and will result in a student's disqualication from study at APU. As a university providing scholarships and other forms of support from both internal and external sources, APU cannot permit activities such as cheating. From this standpoint, APU strictly enforces the rules for examinations.◦ CheatingThe following acts are regarded as cheating and will be strictly punished:  ・ Using or being used as a stand-in (having someone else take an exam for you or taking an exam for someone else) ・ Possessing cheat sheets (including leaving them on the lower shelf of the desk) ・ Exchanging answer sheets ・ Sharing answers ・ Writing on the desk ・ Fraud (false statements) on the answer sheet or the attendance sheet

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