2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

131CurriculumCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and Programs131CurriculumExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and Programs■ Registering for CoursesStudy at APUCourse RegistrationAY 2017 Curriculum Students・ Japanese-basis students must complete "Intermediate English A & B" before they may register for Common Liberal Arts or Major Education Subjects held in English. Japanese-basis domestic students must also complete "Pre-Intermediate English A & B" in order to take "APS or APM Bridge Program" subjects. Students may take "APS or APM Bridge Program" subjects after completing "Pre-Intermediate English" and before completing "Upper-Intermediate A & B." After completing the subject, students will not be able to re-register the subject. They can only register for the "Bridge Program" subjects offered in their own college.・ Courses which may be taken more than once  The following subjects may be taken multiple times. (Only applicable when course contents are different from the previous time.) Thus, students are not required to apply for course re-registration for these subjects.Subject NameNotes特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義(言げんごきょういくかもく語教育科目) / Special Lecture (Language Education Subject)Please check the syllabus in order to determine whether the current course contents are same as the contents for which students previously earned credit. Additional subjects with registration conditions may be specied on the Academic Ofce website. For details, please refer to the "Course Registration" section on the Academic Ofce website.特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義(共きょうつうきょうようかもく通教養科目) / Special Lecture (Liberal Arts Subject)特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義(専せんもんきょういくかもく門教育科目) / Special Lecture (APS), Special Lecture (Managment)特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義(ICT) / Special Lecture (ICT)特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義(日本学)/ Special Lecture (Japanese Studies)環かんきょう境・開かいはつ発 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in Environment and Development観かんこうがく光学 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in Tourism and Hospitality国こくさいかんけい際関係 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in International Relations and Peace Studies文ぶんか化・社しゃかい会・メディア 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in Culture, Society and Media会かいけい計 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in Accountingファイナンス 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in Financeマーケティング 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in Marketing経けいえいせんりゃく営戦略と組そしき織 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in Strategic Management & Organizationイノベーション 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in Innovation経けいざいがく済学 特とくしゅこうぎ殊講義 / Special Lecture in Economics地ちいきけんきゅう域研究 / Area Studiesメディア制せいさく作ラボ / Media Production Labビジネスケース分ぶんせき析・コミュニケーション / Business Case Analysis & Communicationビジネスインターンシップ / Business InternshipAPSフィールド・スタディ / APS Field StudyCertain registration and credit limit restrictions may apply. Refer to: "Off-campus Study Programs," p.170APMフィールド・スタディ / APM Field Study環かんきょう境・開かいはつ発 フィールド・スタディ / Field Study for Environment and Development観かんこうがく光学 フィールド・スタディ / Field Study for Tourism and Hospitality国こくさいかんけい際関係 フィールド・スタディ / Field Study for International Relations and Peace Studies文ぶんか化・社しゃかい会・メディア フィールド・スタディ / Field Study for Culture, Society and Mediaインターンシップ / Internshipボランティア研けんきゅう究 / Volunteer Activitiesプロジェクト研けんきゅう究 / Field Research Project海かいがいしゅうちゅうげんごけんしゅう外集中言語研修 / Intensive Language Learning Overseas

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