2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

130CurriculumExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and Programs■ Registering for CoursesStudy at APUCourse Registration3.1.3Important Notes for Course RegistrationAll Students・ Students cannot register over the credit limit per semester.・ Students cannot register for subjects held during the same period on the same day, unless the subjects are held during different quarters.・ Students are not able to register for subjects that have reached capacity.・ Students cannot normally register for subjects that they have already passed, even if the instructor, class letter, or language is different. However, students may register for subjects that can be taken more than once or when they are approved for re-registration (see p.136).・ Students are not able to register for subjects that do not appear on their course registration screen.・ Students must complete the necessary procedures in order to register for subjects requiring prior application. ・ Courses may be cancelled in cases where the number of students registered for the subject does not satisfy the established minimum quota.・ The following categories of students are not allowed to register for Session Subjects. *1 Students who changed from the AY 2006 Curriculum to the AY 2011 Curriculum as a result of a status change or reenrollment will fall under the AY 2006 conditions.*2 Accelerated Graduation Program students will fall under the same conditions as those in their intended semester of graduation.*3 Credits earned through exchange programs or distance learning programs are transferred as APU credits. As a result, even if a student reaches the required number of credits in the middle of the semester, the student will no longer be considered eligible to register for session subjects. If it is possible that this will happen to you, we strongly recommend you register for classes other that session subjects. If an ineligible student registers for a session subject, the university will remove that subject from the student's schedule.CurriculumConditionsAY 2017 CurriculumStudents in their 8th semester or above *2 who have already earned at least 100 credits *3AY 2011 Curriculum *1Students in their 8th semester or above *2 who have already earned at least 100 credits *3

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