2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

128CurriculumExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and Programs■ Registering for CoursesCourse RegistrationStudy at APUStudents who, due to a leave of absence or withdrawal from the University, are moved from the AY 2006 curriculum to the AY 2011 curriculum will be bound by the credit registration limits specified by the AY 2006 curriculum as below.〈For Students who Experienced a Curriculum Change from the AY 2006 Curriculum to the AY 2011 Curriculum upon being Readmitted or Reinstated to APU〉Semester Regular Students Accelerated GraduationProgram Students 1st Semester18 Credits - 2nd Semester18 Credits - 3rd Semester20 Credits 24 Credits 4th Semester20 Credits 24 Credits 5th Semester20 Credits 30 Credits 6th Semester20 Credits 30 Credits 7th Semester30 Credits 30 Credits 8th Semester and over30 Credits 30 Credits 3.1.2Course Registration OverviewIn order to take classes, students register for courses during "Course Registration Periods" held before each semester begins. After classes begin, there are additional "Correction Periods" in which current classes may be dropped, and future classes may be added or dropped. Please review the course syllabus and consider carefully before registering for courses. 1. Check the registration schedule.2. View syllabus and nd subjects.3. Conrm credit elds and any prerequisite subjects using the subject list for your curriculum and college.4. Check the course timetable.5. Register for courses online during the designated registration period via Campusmate.6. After completing registration, print or save the "Registration Conrmation Screen."7. Attend classes.8. If desired, make any course registration changes during the appropriate correction period.

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