2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

114Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculumAY 2011 Curriculum Outline: APM100 (1st Year)CommonLanguageEnglish Standard TrackElementary English A4Pre-Intermediate English A4Elementary English B2Pre-Intermediate English B2English Advanced TrackAdvanced English 1A4Advanced English 2A4Advanced English 1B2Advanced English 2B2JapaneseJapanese Foundation Course Ⅰ4Japanese Intermediate Course4Japanese Foundation Course Ⅱ4Japanese Foundation Course Ⅲ4AP LanguageChinese Ⅰ4Malay / Indonesian Ⅰ4Korean Ⅰ4Thai Ⅰ4Spanish Ⅰ4Vietnamese Ⅰ4Active LearningIntensive Language Learning Overseas2Special Lecture (Language)2Liberal ArtsIntroduction to Economics2Mathematics for Social Sciences ▪21st Year Student Workshop Ⅰ ◆2Introduction to Political Science2Statistics Ⅰ2Study Skills and Academic Writing ★2Introduction to Psychology2Programming Ⅰ ◆21st Year Student Workshop Ⅱ ◆2Introduction to Law2Programming ★2Multicultural Cooperative Workshop ★2Introduction to Environmental Studies2Computer Literacy2Introduction to APU ◆2Introduction to Development Studies2Business History ▪2Introduction to Peer Leader Training ★2Introduction to International Relations2Bioethics2Peer Leader Training Ⅰ2Introduction to Intercultural Communication2Japanese Geography ★2Logical Thinking and Framework ★2Introduction to Culture and Society2Japanese History2FIRST Program2Introduction to Area Studies2Japanese Economy2Intercultural Fieldwork Ⅱ ★2Introduction to Media2Japanese Culture and Society2Career Design Ⅰ2Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality2Geography of the Asia Pacic2Overseas Learning Design ★2Introduction to the Internet2Languages of the Asia Pacic2Bridge Program A2Constitution of Japan2Religions of the Asia Pacic2Bridge Program B2Peace, Humanity and Democracy ★2Culture and Society of the Asia Pacic2Bridge Program C2Studies of Multicultural Comparison ★2Business and Economy in the Asia Pacic2Bridge Program D2Special Lecture (Japanese Studies) ★2History of the Asia Pacic2Bridge Program E2Special Lecture (Liberal Arts)2Bridge Program F2APM MajorCompulsory / Core SubjectsFundamental Mathematics2Business Mathematics2Introduction to Management2Accounting Ⅰ2Accounting Ⅱ2Accounting & FinanceMarketingStrategic Management & OrganizationInnovation & EconomicsAPM MajorSeminar・ActiveLearningGeneral Electives○Any excess credits obtained in Language, Liberal Arts, and APM Major Education Subjects○APS Major Education Subjects(from 2nd Year)*Students must take additional General Electives Subjects equivalent to the number of exempted Language Education credits.Total■ AY 2011 Curriculum Outline: APMThe courses shown in this list may not be held every semester.Please check the syllabus or the course timetable for details on which courses will be offered.

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