2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

110Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculumAsia Pacific Languages (AP Languages)APU offers "Asia Pacic Language" courses in six languages: Chinese, Korean, Malay-Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. Different levels of these courses have varying degrees of difculty, therefore students must complete or be exempted from each course's prerequisite subject in order to register. ● Registration Requirements・ Applicants cannot be native speakers of the course's language.・ Japanese-basis students must complete or be exempted from "Elementary English A and B" in order to register.・ English-basis students must complete or be exempted from "Japanese Foundation Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and Ⅲ" in order to register.・ The grade level restriction will not apply if a students meets the other requirements to enroll in a language education subject (AP Language).Exemptions for Language Education SubjectsStudents may apply for exemption from language education subjects only if they meet certain criteria and pass the inteview which will be conducted after the application.For more infometion on application requirements and schedules, please visit the Academic Ofce website.English Subject Exemption Criteria・ Only TOEFL iBT® Test scores within the validated period are valid. TOEFL® PBT Test and TOEFL® ITP Test scores are not accepted.Language Levels (Credits) ChineseⅠ (4), Ⅱ (4), Ⅲ (4), Ⅳ (4)KoreanⅠ (4), Ⅱ (4), Ⅲ (4), Ⅳ (4)Malay-IndonesianⅠ (4), Ⅱ (4), Ⅲ (4), Ⅳ (2)SpanishⅠ (4), Ⅱ (4), Ⅲ (4), Ⅳ (2)ThaiⅠ (4), Ⅱ (4), Ⅲ (4), Ⅳ (2)VietnameseⅠ (4), Ⅱ (4), Ⅲ (4), Ⅳ (2)English Track Subject Name Exemption Criteria (TOEFL iBT® Test) Standard TrackElementary English A & B37 Pre-Intermediate English A & B48 Intermediate English A & B55 Upper-Intermediate English A & B61 Advanced TrackAdvanced English 1A & 1B70 Advanced English 2A & 2B80 ■ AY 2011 Curriculum Language Education Subjects"Asia Pacic Language" page

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