2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

107Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsO-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculumRegistration of required English Language Subjects by English-basis studentsEnglish-basis students who wish to register for English courses may take required English language subjects at the "Advanced Track" level.●Registration of "Advanced English 1A・1B" Only students with a TOEFL ITP® Test score between 500 to 524 may apply. Applications will not be accepted under the following circumstances:・ If a student does not possess a valid TOEFL ITP® Test score.・ If a student’s TOEFL ITP® Test score has expired. Students who wish to register must submit a TOEFL ITP® Test score sheet in the semester preceding the one in which they wish to take the course. Students may register for these courses by themselves during Course Registration Period B only if there are seats available. *For further details, please visit the Academic Ofce website.●Registration of "Advanced English 2A・2B" or Languages for Specic Purposes in Advanced Track Students may register for these courses by themselves during Course Registration Period B only if there are seats available.English prociency tests used in the grade evaluation of required English language subjectsEnglish prociency test results will make up a portion of a student’s grade evaluation for required English language subjects. These tests allow students to evaluate the level and progress of their own English learning. In addition, acquiring comprehensive English skills is an important part of studies for students in this era of globalization. The kind of prociency test a student is required to take differs depending on the level of their registered English language subjects. Please refer to the table below for details. Japanese-basis enrollment students enrolled in required English language subjects are required to take the appropriate English prociency test administered on campus (examination fee paid by the university). The results of these examinations will be reected in their grade evaluations for the course. If a student fails to take the exam on the designated exam date for personal reasons, the university will consider that the student has given up their right to take it.*As the results of the Benchmark Tests taken at APU will be automatically reected in students’ grade evaluations, students do not need to submit their score sheets individually.■ AY 2011 Curriculum Language Education SubjectsLevel of RegisteredEnglish Language SubjectEnglish Prociency Test whichwill be used for Grade EvaluationElementary English A・BBenchmark TestPre-Intermediate English A・BIntermediate English A・BUpper-Intermediate English A・B

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