2021 Undergurduate Academic Handbook

96Study at APUCourse RegistrationExaminations and GradingSeminar SubjectsOff-campus Study ProgramsOther Information and ProgramsCurriculum■ AY 2017 Curriculum Subject List科目CDSubject CD分野Field学修分野 / Area科目名Subject Name単位Creditsグレード番号Grade Level前提科目Prerequisite Subjects備考NotesAPSAPM037110APSED 環境・開発 フィールド・スタディ2200 ○Field Study for Environment and Development037111APSHT 観光学 フィールド・スタディ2200 ○Field Study for Tourism and Hospitality037112APSHT イベントマネジメント2200 Event and Festival Management 037113APS  APS入門2100 Introduction to APS037114APSCSM メディアと歴史2300 Media and History037115APSED, HT コミュニティ・ベース・ツーリズム2200 Community Based Tourism037116APSHT 観光経済学2300 Tourism Economics037117APSCSM 基礎演習(文化・社会・メディア)2200 Preliminary Seminar for Culture, Society and Media037118APSCSM メディアと文化2200 Media and Culture037119APSCSM グローバル・ヒストリー2200 Global History037120APSCSM 人文学と近代2200 The Humanities and Modernity037121APSCSM ニューメディアと社会2200 New Media and Society037122APSCSM メディアと法2200 Media and Law037123APSCSM 文化・社会・メディア 特殊講義2300 ○Special Lecture in Culture, Society and Media037124APSIRP 基礎演習(国際関係)2200 Preliminary Seminar for International Relations and Peace Studies037125APSIRP 平和学2200 Peace Studies037126APSIRP 戦略分析と意思決定2300 Strategic Decision Making037127APSIRP 冷戦後の紛争と地政学2300 Geo-Politics and Post Cold War Conicts037128APSIRP 人権論2200 Human Rights037129APSIRP 国際関係 特殊講義2300 ○Special Lecture in International Relations and Peace Studies037130APSED 基礎演習(環境・開発)2200 Preliminary Seminar for Environment and Development037131APSED 都市環境と開発2200 Urban Environment and Development037132APSED 環境・開発 特殊講義2300 ○Special Lecture in Environment and Development037133APSED 資源マネジメント2300 Resource Management037134APSHT 基礎演習(観光学)2200 Preliminary Seminar for Tourism and Hospitality037135APSHT 観光・ホスピタリティと法2300 Tourism and Hospitality Law037136APSHT 観光開発と計画2300 Tourism Development and Planning037137APSHT 健康とウェルネスツーリズム2300 Health and Wellness Tourism037138APSHT リゾート開発2300 Resort Development037139APSHT 遺産観光論2200 Heritage Tourism037140APSHT 旅行産業論2200 Travel Industry037141APSHT 観光地マーケティングとマネジメント2300 Destination Marketing and Management037142APSHT 観光学 特殊講義2300 ○Special Lecture in Tourism and Hospitality037143APSHT MICE産業論2300 MICE Tourism Industry037144APSIRP, CSM メディアと政治2300 Media and Politics037145APSIRP, CSM グローバルメディアと紛争2300 Global Media and Conict037146APSIRP, CSM エスニシティと国民国家2300 Ethnicity and the Nation State037147APSED, CSM NPO / NGO研究2300 NPO / NGO Studies037148APSALL 地域研究2200 ○Area Studies037149APSALL 調査研究入門2200 Introduction to Research MethodsAPSED:Environment and Development, HT:Hospitality and Tourism, IRP:International Relations and Peace Studies, CSM:Culture, Society and Media, ALL:All APS Areas of StudyAPMAF:Accounting and Finance, M:Marketing, SMO:Strategic Management and Organization, IE:Innovation and Economics, ALL:All APM Areas of Study

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